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    Short Story [LFP][SWADE][Sunday 25th, 9pm UTC+0]

    Once in a while I run a short story game. These games are less involved than my main games, so a good chance to get to play with an experienced DM and have some fun on a Sunday evening. Each short story will last from 1-3 sessions.

    Session Time: 9pm utc+0, Sunday the 25th of August.
    FG License: I have an ultimate license, so you can join with a demo license of FG.

    This Sunday's Game
    It is in the deep of winter of 1942, on the Allied front during World War 2. You are part of a small mobile infantry squadron pushing east, across the Black Forest towards Stuttgart. To rendezvous with another larger allied force moving in from the south towards Stuttgart. You are hoping to reach your target undetected by the Axis forces, but time is not on your side.

    As night falls, snow starts coming down from above the tree tops. All that you can hear is the trudging of snow underneath your squadrons boots and a bit further behind your M4 Sherman's engines and tracks crushing branches and snow underneath its weight.

    Your Character
    We'll take 20 minutes to roll up Novice characters on the night.

    About myself
    I'm an experienced GM of over 10 years in a number of gaming systems. I encourage in-character roleplaying and character development with realistic interactions with a living breathing world. Voice acting is encouraged as I do the same for my "actors" in the game to varied levels of success.

    Summarizing my DM style
    Narrative storytelling and NPC roleplaying with voice acting and performance, with character development over longer story arcs. The Game Style section below gives more detail on the specifics.

    I'll often play music or ambient sounds for enjoyment and further immersion during my games.

    What sort of players will fit well in my group
    • People who are relaxed, friendly and flexible.
    • What I am primarily looking for are people who enjoy a good story and in character roleplaying.
    • Engaged players, willing to interact with each other and the world through their characters eyes in meaningful ways.
    • Adult and mature people and in-character roleplayers who can stay in character and deal with challenging and at times grown up moral decisions and situations.
    • Attempts at voice acting is encouraged, I do the same at varying levels of success for many of my NPCs during play to tell a better story.
    • Able to have light hearted fun and laugh at times, while also being capable of retaining a more serious note at other times to fit the story.
    • I generally run around 60-70% roleplay (and story) / 30-40% combat. While conflict can be fun and exciting, generally it occurs due to elements of the story and aren’t forced in for the sake of it. So if you’re just here for fighting or combat strategizing this isn’t the game for you.

    Table Rules

    Behavioral expectancy

    • Respect other peoples time, don’t be late to planned sessions.
    • Be nice and respectful around the gaming table, remember that there are real persons on the other ends of the screens.
    • Petty and pointless disruptive squabbles are not acceptable and will be grounds for removal.
    • If any problems arise during sessions, keep them off the gaming table. Instead shoot me a private Discord message and I’ll make a judgment call on the spot and deal with it accordingly.
    • Don’t read GM material, such as monster manuals, any adventure modules I may be running etc.

    Game style
    • If you are a power- or meta-gamer, there are other games out there for you.
    • Rules lawyers/rules traditionalists won’t fit in.
    • Narration and flow trumps rules and my main focus is on telling a good tale and share it with the group.
    • Sometimes I apply “the rule of cool”, to create memorable moments.
    • As the GM I have the final say on all things, and won’t spend to much time worrying about minor things in the rules during play.
    • Realistic actions and reactions.
    • I create a living breathing world, so there will be scenarios and foes that are beyond your means to best at any one time, so keep your wits about you.
    • As adults around the gaming table adult subjects may appear in the game. If any of a sexual nature occur they will be left for a narrative purpose, but quickly fade to black.
    • Keep between character friction overall low (they have to be able to work together after all), though at times it makes sense from a narrative perspective.

    Player responsibility
    • New players are welcome.
    • Be an engaged, active and involved player. Such as an active participator in the game, in interactions between the players, their characters and the world around your character.
    • Separate player knowledge from character knowledge.
    • If you happen to know something, don’t spoil things for the other players, let them discover things through play by themselves.
    • Do not try to “play” other players characters. Each player will play their own character in the way they see fit, and it’s alright if they make some “mistakes” in their character choices as they do so.
    • There will be no streaming or recording of any kind of the sessions nor is it allowed for any of the players involved.
    • We're all here to spend a few hours in good company and to have fun, so do your best to bring your good mood and share your imagination and varied acting and voice acting skills with us during play times!

    Voice and game planning
    • We use voice over Discord, a descent connection and headset and mike is required to take part.
    • Try to minimize background noise as it is disruptive. Mute yourself if needed between talking.
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    I'd be interested in playing if you are still running the game. I'm new to Savage World however.
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    You'd certainly be welcome to join. Savage Worlds is easy to pick up, and you don't need to know much to start throwing dice and have some fun.
    The game will take place as long as I can get enough players in time for the evening.

    I'll send you a PM with the details once it gets closer and I know better myself.
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    This story has been moved here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...919#post450919

    First game to take place this upcoming Saturday.
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