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    Bug with inventory in PF1

    Not sure if this is the place for bug reports.
    When I add items to the party tracker in PFRPG classic, then I assign owners to the items, and then distribute them. It says they are distributed.
    But when the players look at their sheets, it just shows a blank spot with a number. So the +1 sword just disappears, and they can't equip it.
    If I assign 2 potions to a character, for example, a blank slot appears in their inventory, with a number 2 beside it. (2 for the number of potions that are supposed to be there, but aren't, I suppose).

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    Try disabling all extensions and see if the issue persists. If it does then it's really a bug in the ruleset. Otherwise, it's a conflict between different extensions you have loaded. Reenable extensions one by one and see which one causes the problem to reoccur.

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    We have this happen all the time when we drag items over from the party sheet to the character's inventory. We have to stay on the lookout for a blank entry in the chat window that pops up at random. There is usually an empty line on their inventory afterwards, unless they were dragging something they already had in their inventory.

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    Are there any error messages reported in a console window on either GM or player when this happens?
    I haven't heard of this before, and we use the party sheet inventory extensively in my game. We usually use drag and drop as rickyhunt mentioned.

    Also, knowing which extensions are loaded and/or disabling extensions is key to resolving these issues. If an extension changes a script that the party sheet uses, then the base code is no longer called and is outside our control.


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