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    Question about a Paizo hardcover Lost Omens purchase.

    Greeting FG Support.

    I purchased over at Paizo the Pathfinder 2E Lost Omens World Guide for $36.99. I tried to sync my purchases with FG and Paizo but I do not see this over on this end. I have my Paizo order number and its in shipping status now.

    Was this purchase eligible for a discount of the World guide here?



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    As a few of us mentioned in a thread discussion with you before - the discount is only for PDF purchases, not for physical products.

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    Thanks I did not catch that.

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    Larsenex, you have to either buy the PDF separately or be a superscriber so you get the PDF for free. We recommended you consider subscribing to the adventure paths because you then get a discount on all hard copies (hopefully, I have that right) and the PDFs of the adventures for free. Then you will get the price of that PDF off your FG purchase.
    Consider subscribing to the ruleset line, and you will get the corresponding PDF for free and then get the PDF discount for rulebooks you buy here.
    Consider subscribing to the Pathdinder Lost Omens, and you will get the corresponding PDF for free and the price of the PDF discounted here.

    At that point, you are only one subscription away from a superscriber benefit, which then would get you the same benefits for whatever that 4th subscription is similar to above, but over at Paizo you will then get the Pathfinder Society scenarios scot-free. Since those are only PDF, the current model of getting the price of the PDF off of an FG purchase would utterly fail, so I don't know how PFS scenarios would sell here. So far, we never got any of those even for PF1e for sale on the store.

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    Thank you for the reply. I am a subscriber for the Ashes AP line. I did get the hardcover and I am going to purchase the Omens world guide here as I now need it. I wanted to get the Bestiary first but its delayed.

    Trenloe thank you, you are really a busy guy and you have such endless patience for the same questions over and over. Hope your week is smooth and quick.

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