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    Rick Loomis needs our help. Plus get a little something for helping.

    Rick Loomis has been an important part of the game industry for almost 50 years, and now he is in the fight of his life with cancer. He was one of the founding members of the Game Manufacturing Association, served as its President several times when they needed him. He has traveled the world to promote role-playing and card games and over the years Rick has befriended hundreds (thousands!) of people at conventions from his Flying Buffalo Games booth and company. This bundle of holding is a way for us to help him out.

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    I just went in on the bonus level. Back when the trap books were new, I had a hard copy of the early ones. They were nicely done!

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    In addition to any charity aspect, it's also pretty good content.

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    It is good content, the seven citybooks are full of building ready to drop in any campaign, with description of npc and scenario for adventure ideas, but the grimtooth's traps for players sanity should stay away from DM's hands

    Most of us know how to find trove of those old but still useful books, but if those books are of use to you (or just because you want to help) do the right thing, you know who you are.

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