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    [LFP]CST][5e][discord] Looking for 4-5 players on Saturdays

    Fairly experienced in DMing and I知 starting dragon heist over again since my schedule changed and I知 losing my players at the end of this month. I have remixed Dragon Heist to be more streamlined and hopefully more fun. I知 still new to Fantasy grounds and online play in general but I do have the ultimate license and all the core books plus some map packs. Looking for group input on how you want the game to go. I keep my games light hearted and there痴 plenty of room for laughs.*

    Start date: session zero will be September 7th or 14th depending on players

    Starting level: 2*

    Starting location: town near the high forest

    Factions: no starting faction but may gain access later

    Rule books: all WOTC*

    Characters: All core and Eberon, DND beyond characters allowed but you must input all stats, certain custom characters are allowed but must be approved. (i.e. a player wants to be a small size dragon born of 3ft tall and no additional traits. The small size allows for movement through medium size enemies space so the only penalty to the PC is a speed of 25ft instead of 30ft and a breath weapon size of 10ft instead of 15ft)

    Items: all WOTC and approved homebrews*

    Death likelihood: story will influence death more than combat

    Combat: only 1-2 encounters will occur per session unless a PC actively seeks out combat. Minion/regular enemies HP will be reduced to take 1-2 hits before KO. Mini bosses will be 4-5 hits. Big boss/main villains to be determined*

    Who can join? Anyone over 18 just keep in mind that the time zone is CST UTC-5.

    PM me if you are interested or if you have questions my discord is wund3rshrub#0267

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    What time of day?

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    So I sent ya a PM on Discord. I hope the timing works out.

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