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    LFG D&D 5e - Experienced Player/ Available everyday in the evenings.

    Looking for a nice game. Just wanna have some fun

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    great DM. Very little missed. Party currently on a side quest which doesn't effect the campaign and at a point where it would be real convenient to add a player.

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    I have a Dragon Heist/Mad Mage 5e game starting up on September 12, IF I can find at least 4 reliable players (prefer 6). 9PM-12AM EDT; it starts later than some games because I am a night owl and we have a California player interested.

    Bi-monthly game, every other Thursday. 2nd and 4th Thursdays(may move to weekly in the future if everyone is agreeable)

    We will be meeting at 9PM on Thursday, August 29th for a "Session 0" to set characters, scheduling, and discuss the details of the campaign. If you are interested, sign up on my Game Calendar page for this campaign.

    Calendar link: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...ex.xcp?id=3583

    I have an ultimate license.

    We will use a combination of Discord for voice, and text chat.

    Starts at 1st level. Style of play is entirely dependent on player choices. If you run in and kill everything, it will be combat heavy. If you proceed cautiously, Dragon Heist can be a very role play heavy scenario.

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    Hi F4RRK,

    If your evenings extend pretty late, I have a group looking for a couple more players for 2 rotating 5e campaigns (myself and another DM trade off between arcs, so players have characters in both).

    By late, I mean we start at 10pm PST Saturdays. Just so that's out there

    Shoot me a PM if that sounds like something that would work, we span the range from 20+ year veterans to new players. Both DMs have ultimate licenses, Discord for voice.

    Take care!

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