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    LFP 5e, Saturday nights, 10pm PST

    Hi all,

    I recruited a few folks here before, apologies if we filled up last time I checked. Our group has dwindled a bit due to life stuff. Anyone interested in a game starting at the title hour? (10pm PST, 1am EST)

    We've been playing together for over a year, usually juggling between two DM's who trade off chapters of their campaigns. 5 of us currently, four blokes and a lass. I'm one of the DMs, currently running a one-shot chaotic homebrew theft caper this Saturday (8/24). Would be a great chance to try out a new group, we're rolling level 8 characters with a significant flaw.

    I have a FG ultimate license, so all you need is discord and an FG demo, along with some excited energy to bring. We span the spectrum from veteran players over years to relative neophytes.

    If interested, let me know playstyle preference and rough experience level with 5e D&D, and I'll be happy to discuss.

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    Hi there Bryg,

    Sounds like a good little group you have going on. I too am a DM and as you would know that means I spend more time being npcs than a PC. I would love to make some time to chat over discord to get a better idea what you and the rest of the group are like. If we feel like I would be a good fit for the group, I would be happy to join and even get another rotating game going (I imagine it is pretty tough to burn out as a DM if you end up playing in 2 games and DMing one all on some kind of rotating basis).

    10PM Saturday works well for me. I'm in mountain time so it would be 11pm for me and I would be able to make the sessions the vast majority of times. The only ones I would miss would be for times when I have to travel for a conference and I know about those things well in advance (my next one is in October).

    I also have the ultimate licence and most of the books (except adventures because I never run published adventures myself).

    As both a player and DM, I lean towards the RP side of things. So I like to take actions based on what the character(s) know and their values, beliefs, fears, etc.. I tend to speak in character, but I certainly do not expect people to be voice actors because I am definitely not one myself. I also generally prefer games (both the ones I play in and the ones I run) to have a minimal approach to homebrew rules and if any homebrew or optional rules are being used then they MUST be made known before the game starts (as it is kind of a **** move to suddenly spring a house rule on someone).

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    Hello Bryg,

    The timing of your group would work perfectly for me im in PST, For all my DnD life ive been DM and would myself like to explore the life of a PC. I'm open to chat on discord also to get a plan of what will work for the group and hopefully I could fit in swiftly. As for myself I am pretty laid back and I would focus on the role playing aspect. (I have to say this cause I have a few players in my group who only worry about what their characters can do and maxing out stats) I would love to see what it is like to play in that way with no direction that im pointing at but to explore and wonder.

    I have the Ultimate license and a good chunk of books like
    Players handbook, monster Manual, Xanathars, Princes of the Apocolype, Tomb of Annihalation, and some other stuff I cant think of on top of my head perhaps if this works out, and your DM wants to PC we can trade off weeks or something. Most of all my experience is with the 5e rules.

    As a DM my style is to have the players to feel the world with players to figure out the details plus who doesn't love some winging it. I love letting players finding out what they can do even if its way out of the ordinary I wont say no but say you can try haha. im open to new rules if other people play that way because if it fits but like to stay in reasonable bounds.

    If you'll have me I am open to chat on the weekends at the specified times as posted on the tread.

    Thank you,
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    Hey MasterBoff (and DealBreaker though we've already talked) I just wanted to call out here too that I've sent you both a PM with discord contact info if you want to talk further. Thanks!

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