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    Needing to hire someone to input the SagaBorn ruleset into FG


    I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but I hope so!

    I am the creator of the Sagaborn RPG system. It is a 3.5 OGL derivative. I would like to start getting my system set up in Fantasy Grounds. At first it would be getting the character sheet to match the small changes between my system and default 3.5 and maybe change a theme a bit with the SagaBorn logo.

    I was wondering if there was someone who I could hire to do this, and what the price may be.


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    Not claiming our publisher spreadsheet is up-to-date, because I don't think it is, but I don't see Lone Wanderer Entertainment on it. So assuming this is a commercial venture, getting licensed with SmiteWorks to publish Fantasy Grounds adaptations of SagaBorn would need to be addressed before anyone starts working on it.

    Most (not all) of the rulesets are done in a developer's spare time. There have been a handful (13th Age comes to mind specifically) which were contracted by a publisher to a developer. I think in that case, they were paid standard programmer rates, which isn't cheap for the work involved.

    But I'm sure a programmer or two might PM you. Hang in there, and welcome to FG!

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    Yep, please engage with SmiteWorks first - they can discuss with you the various options. Then will be the task of finding a community developer...

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    Email has been sent, thanks!

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    So I have spoken with Smiteworks and Sagaborn will be granted a publishing license if I find a developer, which means I need a developer!

    The good news is SagaBorn is a derivative of 3.5, so all I need to get started are some small tweaks to the character and monster sheets. And some data entry to change spells and weapon stats.

    Here is a roadmap of things needed:

    Fantasy Grounds ruleset edit

    Reduce skills to match core 7 skills.
    Make saves equal to skills
    Make ability scores = to ability bonus and make it editable
    Remove alignment
    Change equipment list to match
    Change spells to match

    Character sheet only

    Get rid of senses
    Get rid of grapple
    Add saga point
    Remove proficiency
    Rename feats to talents
    Add space for mana


    Mana system

    Anyone interested?

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