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    Group of Australians looking for a group.


    3 people from Australia looking to join a 5e perfered game for Australian everning times. 1 with full licence and mods 2 with demo.


    I and a group of friends are looking for a group to join. I have dm a few in person groups and own players handbook, dungeon masters guide, monster manual, sword coast adventures guide, xanathar's guide to everything as well as the storm kings thunder books.

    In addition we paid for a full version of fantasy grounds so I could dm a online group. We also have the players handbook and monster manual mods. We only have the 1 full copy of the game and the rest are using a demo version.

    Due to conflicting work times it's very hard to get a session going. So we are looking for a group to join where sessions are more often than 1 time every 4 months. We prefer a 5e game as that's what we are used to. We all use discord and have mics and proper internet connections.

    Money is a issue so buying more licences is not possible so someone hosting a session with a full licence (so the demo game guys can still join) would be needed.

    Thanks for reading and please feel free to message me with any questions.

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    Hey going to be lazy and just copy paste Bloodntears post this is a great place to look for games

    Hi all,
    If you are in or play during the Asia/Oceania time zones and can’t find a game at a decent time you may be interested in this. There are a bunch of games there looking for players and or GMs. Link is below.

    “Fans of tabletop gaming step into The Filthy Pig Inn and Tavern AOGG and grab an ale and some mutton! Here you will find hundreds of like minded enthusiasts of online and face to face tabletop role playing games.
    We are made up of tabletop gamers that primarily play on both Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds in or around GMT+8 to +12 timezones but anyone and all platforms/systems are welcome.
    Currently there are a multitude of games looking for players and/or GMs for systems such as all versions D&D, D&D Adventure League, D&D Homebrews, 5e West Marches, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, Masks, Warhammer, Star wars as well as various other systems.
    Feel free to drop by our Discord Server and join the fun!


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    What is the name for your time zone so I can check the time conversion? I live in the US but I am trying to run and/or play daytime games as my evenings and weekends are quite packed.

    What days and times would be best (your time (I can make the conversions)) for your group to meet weekly? I prefer to run campaigns that meet once a week.

    I have an Ultimate license so your demo players would be fine. I also prefer to use 5e when I DM.

    Would your players be interested in playing through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage, because if so, I can start as soon as we get the scheduling issues worked out. Those are the only non-homebrew campaign-style adventures I have right now. (I have all the base 5e books.)

    Anyway, hopefully we can work something out with the scheduling.

    MEssage me back onhere, or email me directly at [email protected] if that is easier.

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