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    Barbarian Sudden Leap feat - action type?

    Which is the correct interpretation?

    1.The Barbarian Sudden Leap feat (PF2C p92) doesn't state number of actions as a cost of usage, which in my interpretation indicate it refers to the Athletics skill action Long Jump.

    2.The Fighter Sudden Leap feat (PF2C p150), which is otherwise identical to the Barbarian feat with the same name, specify a two-actions cost. Which means it's a feat-action and not a Long Jump skill-action. This again indicate the lack of an action-cost for the Barbarian feat is a typo.

    This matters because of the Athletics skill-feat Quick Jump reduce the skill-actions action-cost from two to one. Which doesn't affect similar feat-actions.

    Which is the correct interpretation?

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    Just an observation - asking for a "correct interpretation" here is not going to give you anything official. If you want 100% correct interpreation then you're best posting on the Paizo forums, but only paying attention to Paizo designer responses; or wait for an official errata to come out.

    All you're going to get here, like most places on the Internet, is a bunch of people's opinions. And here's mine - it's probably a typo.
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