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    LFP - 5E - Birthright - Saturday

    Hello, I have a longtime group that is looking for one more player - possibly two if we find a great fit - to help fill us out a bit. We are just about to start a new adventure, so it's a great time to jump in.

    System: 5E
    Voice: Discord
    Days: Every other Saturday (Starting this Saturday, August 24th)
    Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
    Setting: Birthright
    Starting Level: 4
    Allowed Materials: WOTC Official Sourcebooks, WOTC UA, Some races may be restricted due to the setting.

    The campaign will be set in the AD&D 2nd edition Birthright setting. The game is set on the main continent of Cerilia, which is a war-torn land of ancient ruins and fractured empires where both men and monsters rule over dozens of kingdoms since the fall of the Anuirean Empire over 500 years ago.

    The really unique thing about Birthright is the presence of Bloodlines. Approximately 1400 yeas ago Azrai the god of evil led an invasion of the continent of Cerilia to subjugate all to his will. The free peoples banded against him and the others gods joined them in their fight against Azrai the Shadow. It culminated in the Battle of Mount Deismaar where gods and men fought Azrai and his armies in a final confrontation. The free folk fought valiantly on the plains below while the gods, having taken physical form, battled on the slopes of Deismaar. Good triumphed but at great cost. It took the combined power of all the gods to take down Azrai and not one of them survived. When the gods died there was a great explosion of their power that swept out in all directions. The gods’ most powerful mortal champions, who were nearest them when they fell, absorbed so much power they were immediately elevated to godhood and became the new pantheon of Cerilia. Still others absorbed lesser amounts of the gods’ power and these became Scions. The power of the gods manifests itself in different ways depending on which god’s power was absorbed and how much of it – some became like demi-gods while others gained little more than the power to produce parlor magic tricks. Today many nations are ruled by the descendants of these Scions, who are able to pass on their power to a person of their choosing, though it was discovered the power can also be stolen with specially crafted powerful swords. It is not uncommon for kings, queens, barons to be descended from some of the more powerful bloodlines, power which their ancestors used to carve out domains for themselves in the aftermath of the war and then later after the collapse of the Anuirean Empire. But on the flip side are the awnsheghlien – those who absorbed the power of Azrai. They, for the most part, became twisted and corrupted by their power and many likewise carved out kingdoms for themselves. Some Scions and Awnsheghlien were granted long life by their power and are original survivors of the Battle of Deismaar with bloodlines of unrivaled strength.

    Now, war is in the air. Word has come that a small but highly trained and well-armed army arrived aboard a fleet of ships a month ago and began an invasion of the coastal Rjurik kingdom of Halskapa. Particularly concerning is that the invaders, minotaurs, have established a beachhead in the strongest of the Rjurik domains. King Bervining, though he commands the largest army in the north, has mounted a weak defense against the incursion. His advanced age, lack of children, and the growing power of local town councils have led to a struggle of succession that could not have come at a worse time – jarls and councils scheme for power while the minotaurs inch forward day by day as more ships arrive with ever more soldiers and weapons.

    In the southern kingdoms of Anuire, concern is growing that this never-before-seen race of bull-men with a clear skill for warfare has appeared on the shores of Cerilia. If these beasts continue to appear, then who will stand against them? The old empire is fractured and domains fight amongst each other. But some see a glimmer of hope, while others see it as an omen of ruin: rumors have spread that the location of Aerith has been uncovered. Aerith was the sword of the last Anuirean Emperor – Michael Roele. Not only is the weapon made of bloodsilver (only one of twelve such weapons in existence forged by a master Elven smith), but it is the key to unlocking Michael Roele’s legacy. Almost 600 years ago Michael’s wife and only child died in childbirth. The child was born corrupted by dark magic called down by the powerful awnshegh (blood abomination) the Gorgon. Michael was enraged and demanded vengeance, but the only way to reach the Gorgon would be by launching a full invasion of the Gorgon’s country – the Gorgon’s Crown. Michael wasted no time in gathering his armies to march out and finally destroy Anuire’s greatest enemy.
    The Gorgon had always been a threat to Anuire, having launched more than one failed invasion, but this was no mere power struggle. The Gorgon, before becoming corrupted by the blood of Azari, was once Prince Raesene – bastard half-brother to Roele, who was founder of the Anuirean Empire shortly after Deismaar. Jealous of the favoritism showed to the legitimate son, Raesene’s heart grew dark in twisted. In the War of the Shadow he became a powerful champion for Azrai, hoping to overthrow the rule of his father and wipe out his family – he failed. Ever after the Gorgon sought the destruction of the empire his brother founded. Now, facing the loss of his wife and heir, Michael would no longer tolerate his ancestor’s hate. Thanks to the wisdom of the Chamberlain, Michael did at least make preparations for the battle ahead. Michael knew that the Gorgon carried a bloodsilver weapon – one of only twelve known to exist – while Michael carried one himself. Not only could bloodsilver weapons steal a scion’s bloodline, but it would completely shatter their Regency – a scion ruler’s magical connection to their land - if they were killed by such a weapon. Through some unknown magic Michael implanted his bloodline – one of the strongest in Cerilia – into a gem and sealed it within a great vault in the Imperial City of Anuire along with other wealth and magical items.

    After making these safeguards to protect his bloodline, Michael marched against the Gorgon. He fought through the Gorgon’s hordes valiantly and reached the gates of his fortress Kal-Saitharak. There he defeated some of the Gorgon’s greatest lieutenants before facing his ancestor in single combat. Like so many before him, Michael fell to the Gorgon without providing more than a meager challenge to the powerful awnshegh – whether he would have fared better had he kept the power of his bloodline no one can say. Furious, a horde of Michael’s troops rushed the Gorgon and were slaughtered – but their attack was not just in anger. Their assault allowed Michael’s closest friend and bodyguard – Kairn Santhank to grab the emperor’s sword and flee with it, lest the powerful weapon fall into the Gorgon’s hands. Neither Kairn nor the sword were seen again.
    It is suspected by many that Karin knew the truth: only Michael’s sword can open the vault – granting the person who enters the power of his bloodline along with the wealth of magic sealed within. Now, the old noble houses squabble over the Iron Throne and the need for the empire to be reforged, which while this is nothing new, it has taken on greater urgency with the new threat from across the western ocean. Many of the strongest noble houses and even some of the weaker ones are the hunt for Michael Roele’s blade and hope to claim his power and the throne.

    In the midst of these chaotic times, change has also come to the domain of Roesone. Less than a month ago Baron Teried Roesone died and rulership of the country passed to his daughter Marlae (see picture in the “npcs-and-items” channel), who has long been beloved by her people as intelligent, compassionate, and a brave warrior. Her beauty and courage have not been exaggerated, though she does carry some of her father’s pride and believes herself, whether rightly or wrongly, to be a fitting heir to Roele and the Iron Throne and is herself on the hunt for the sword. In the squabbling amongst the Anuirean lands over who should take the throne, Marlae has already – after only a month in power – secured the backing of her country’s two closest allies: Ilien and Medoere, and they have contributed resources to helping her locate the sword. Her appeal is not universal and there is certainly no shortage of nobles who’d rather hang than see a young woman – the granddaughter of a bandit turned baron - on the imperial throne. But who will find the sword first, if it is found at all? And will the Chamberlain, guardian of the throne, permit anyone to claim it even if they have the blade? Or will the Anuirean lands once again descend into war over the throne as they did after Roele’s death? Or, even worse, will the sword fall into the hands Anuire’s old enemy?

    Another unique thing about Birthright is that pcs can become leaders of guilds, temples, domains, etc. and there are detailed rules for running and developing those. We may get into this down the road but not in the immediate future.

    Our group is pretty laid back and fun, so looking for someone similar. If you're interested post here or send me a pm.
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    Sounds like a cool campaign and setting, would love to play, but does not work with my schedule.

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