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    FGU Sharing LOS Definitions for Maps - Crowd Project

    Hello Alpha and Beta Users.

    Thanks for helping us test out the Alpha version of Fantasy Grounds. As you can see from the test module for Lost Mine of Phandelver, the LOS data is preset for that particular module. We've done several others in an earlier version of FGU, but we really need to redo these. If you want to help and share the results with other Alpha users, you can join us here.

    Watch all the LOS videos here.

    Post the module xml files here. It will only contain the changes you made for LOS and none of the official content from the module. We will be able to use this to update the maps for everyone. By sharing the files here, you are giving us (and other FGU users) permission to use these files. Before you start working on a module, it is probably wise to post your intention here just to help avoid having too many people all work on the same module.

    LMOP - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Done by Doug.
    Krenko's Hideout - Ravnica - Done by Doug
    Waterdeep Dragon Heist - Done Zacchaeus
    Descent into Avernus - Done Zacchaeus
    Dragon of Icespire Peak - Done Zacchaeus
    Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Done Zacchaeus
    The Sunless Citadel - Done Acererak
    Fall Of Plaguestone - Done Digital Dave
    Pathfinder 2 Hellknight Hill - Done Allmight
    Cult of Cinders Done - Allmight
    Tomorrow Must Burn Done Allmight
    Dead in Thay - Done LordBattle
    Forge of Fury - Done GarthGiantBane
    Fires of the Haunted City - in Progress Allmight
    Dungeon of the Mad Mage - in progress - Doug
    Tactical Maps Reincarnated - In progress xscapebb
    Curse of Strahd - In progress stewartl42
    Hoard of the Dragon Queen - In Progress Guaccomole
    PotA in Progress - Halfront
    Tomb of Annihilation - In Progress Zacchaeus
    Scourge of the Sword Coast - In Progress Ravenmaster

    FG Battle Maps - In Progress pollux
    Tomb of Horrors in Progress Acererak
    Rise of Tiamt in Progress Ascalon
    Out of the Abyss - in Progress FriendBesto
    Dawn of the Forge Titan - In progress revanmaster
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    After doing this one, I found a faster tip for drawing straight lines that might benefit people. See below.

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    I may have a suggestion for a different approach for secret walls See the attached picture (yeah, my walls are not the straightest lines at the moment )

    I would not make separate walls for the room in front and behind the secret door as in the video (or maybe I misunderstood that part). When the players spot a secret door the GM would have to move them through the wall while the players can't (and the players might get a glimpse of the interior of the walls through the gap of both walls) and while inside the secret room they can't see out of the room anymore.

    Therefore my approach (at the moment) is to connect both rooms via walls as if the secret door would be open. For hiding the secret room again I add a separate and slightly big wall at the place where the secret door is. Separate and big because then the GM can easily double click and delete that wall when players spot the secret door and want to open it

    May still not be the best approach (a door will not work because players can see doors by hovering over it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    After doing this one, I found a faster tip for drawing straight lines that might benefit people. See below.
    Pro-tip: You can use the space bar to add points and the enter key to complete drawing, i.e. space bar = mouse-click, enter key = double-click. This should also apply any where in image editing that is relevant, e.g. painting.

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    Something like that might work. I'll post an update tomorrow.

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    I try my luck with the first map of Dungeon of the Mad Mage, but I am not sure if I will ever be able to finish it since I still have to find the best procedure of building walls etc. (and I move to a new city next week)

    EDIT: While I try this at the moment: I would not suggest making big rectangles for the door. When the door is closed and a player token moves in front of such a door then it can happen that they look through the door (like it happens for terrain) or they can not move into that position due to the blocking of that door. So, smaller rectangles look better
    Also, when there is an overlap of the door with a wall then it can happen that the door somehow partially deactivates the vision-blocking of the back of the door resulting into that the player can look a bit through the door although it is closed the add line function for doors seems to be better because it automatically attachs to wall segments and nodes avoiding that glitch (I have an image of that behaviour attached here, last post, But that may be changed later, so for now I would careful with "rectangle" doors
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    I have now the following method for doors:


    First I draw the wall and I add two nodes on either side of the door. Make sure you have "Magnetic-Snap" activated, then use "Add Line" and start with one of the nodes and draw the rectangle. The magnetic-snape assures that the nodes snap to each other, avoiding that the player can look through the door by glitches The Rectangle function may also work but then one may have to edit the nodes afterwards to assure that the nodes attached to each other (which may or may not happen, depending on "how straight" you've drawn the wall segments), thus I prefer the "Add line" mode. The rectangle for the door is now small enough such that the player can move in front of the door without being blocked or seeing through the door (when the GM moved the token) (that depends of course also on the way how the grid lies on the image but smaller rectangles should work better in general, I guess)

    Hopefully my informations somehow help

    EDIT: Secret doors I do now similarly, but with the wall function replacing the door function (i.e. replacing the blue with red lines):

    Secret Door.png

    As you can see I have a similar approach with the nodes but with additonal nodes in the upper boarder. Also here I've drawn the rectangle for the secret door separately, the additional node "inside the wall" shall help the GM to select that rectangle with a double-left-click (for deleting the wall to open the door) and the magnetic-snap at the other nodes helps the wall to look "natural" from both sides such that players can not see the secret door by irregularities of the LoS wall (which could happen with that extra line approach which I suggested before) But the important thing is the node inside the wall for an easy selection
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    Here is an attached file you can use to see the start I made for Dungeon of the Mad Mage. To use it, open your Data Folder and browse to your campaign. Create a folder called moduledb if it doesn't already exist. Place this xml file in that folder. If you already have a file with this name, back that up first since this would overwrite it.

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    I just wanted to write that I am soon done with the first level of DotMM. All doors and terrains are done and more than half of the walls. So, when someone wants to complete a map, then maybe not Level-1-Players of DotMM

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    Sorry about that. Those maps are huge, so it takes a bit of time to do them. I completely missed that you did that one. I left the secret doors off for now because we are debating how we want to handle these with a few little changes.

    If you want to check out the ones I did, please create a new campaign so that it doesn't blow away the version that you did. In fact, make an extra backup somewhere safe.

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