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    D&D 5e Monster Test Arena

    Looking to test some monsters for my main campaign group. Looking to run 4 level 6 PCs up against some homebrew, some core monsters to see how they fair.

    Sunday's 5pm AEST or Monday's 10am AEST

    License: I have ultimate
    Text/voice: Voice preferred
    Experienced players preferred as I am trying to make these monsters tough.

    Session would be fairly short as I am just looking to test combat mechanics. 2 hours maybe less
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    I can guarantee that you can run more efficient and effective testing on your own and that the only benefit to players participating in this type of session is practice building characters (which is not very useful for the experienced players you are looking for). Just make the PCs yourself and run the combats under a few different conditions: 1) PCs just use attacks and cantrips, no pre-existing knowledge of resistances/vulnerabilities (low knowledge and resource sim); 2) PCs use full suite of their abilities but take a round or two of experimenting to figure out resistances/vulnerabilities (regular party goes in 'blind' sim); 3) PCs use full suite of abilities exploit a vulnerability from start (party did some research or got tips from expert sim); 4) PCs completely avoid weaknesses and exploit all vulnerabilities (you play them with perfect knowledge, this is the 'worst case for the monster' scenario).

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    Thanks. That's some really awesome advice. I appreciate it

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    No problem. I've used that basic procedure when I first started with 5e to toy around with encounter design (pen and paper really slowed it down) and more recently I have used a stripped down version (just a run or two of step 3) to test my own home brew monsters. I recommend doing at least a couple tests (one run might be super high rolls for one side or the other) and/or doing some math to 'theoretically' test things out (things like average damage dealt and taken in a round taking ACs and such into effect, don't need to go too crazy in depth to figure out if you made a reasonably fair monster or not). I also didn't want you to be sitting on your hands waiting for players to sign up. The one-shots section rarely gets a real game of the ground so I doubt many people would be interested in being guinea pigs for a couple hours

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