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    Library error: "bad argument #-1 to 'getModuleInfo' (string expected, got nil)


    When opening a Savage Worlds campaign I have, it has started producing the following error in the console when I open up the library:

    Script Error: (string "library_booklistentry"):1: bad argument #-1 to 'getModuleInfo' (string expected, got nil)

    Image of the error and interface here:

    As can be seen by the screenshot, the area is selectable where a module image should be, but doing so displays nothing.

    There are no modules loaded in the campaign when this screenshot is taken, and the error was not always there.

    I seem to recall having experienced a similar error in one of my D&D 5E campaigns at some point and managed to fix it by removing some database entries.

    So I had a look through all the xml files that came with the campaign, but was unable to locate the position where the loaded library files were shown, and for the life of me I can't remember exactly what I did last time in the different gaming system.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? It's in a module creating campaign with thousands of lines of entries and hundreds of linked images at this point, so scrapping it and setting up a new campaign is going to be a less than favorable solution. Probably doable by copying lines from the db.xml file over, but that is likely to take a long time and be error prone.

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    - Close FG down.
    - Go to the campaign directory.
    - delete modulestate.xml - or rename it to modulestate.xml.old if you don't like deleting stuff.
    - Start FG and load up your campaign.

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    It seems you have been using SWEL extension to create module into your campaign. Then you have disabled the extension which is causing that issue. The fix is to enable the extension and remove that module. You can of course first export it if you need to use it.
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    Thanks guys!

    Good suggestion Trenloe, I think that's what I did when this happened to my 5E campaign. I deleted the file and disabled all extensions, but didn't work this time around, the error remained.

    I wouldn't have thought of that Ikael, but you were spot on! Enabling the "Enhanced Library" extension caused this empty module to appear (see screenshot).

    2019-08-23 (1).png

    I was able to remove it normally after that. Afterwards I restarted with the other extensions enabled again and the error no longer appears.
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