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    LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Tue, Thu, Friday EST US Timezone prefer 5E

    FG License: Free
    Time Zone: EST (NY)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly
    Term: I would like a group that I can play with for the foreseeable future.
    Voice: Yes, I have discord already but I can also use other VoIP if necessary

    Game System Preferred: 5E
    Game System Experience: I have moderate experience playing 5E
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have some experience playing 5E. I can make a character, and navigate all of the basic functionalities.

    Character Type Preferred: I have no preference, I just like to play whatever fits the story / group the best.
    About me: I am a casual tabletop gamer in my late 20's. I started playing tabletop RPGs only about two or three years ago, but I have enjoyed it ever since. I have never been with a group long enough to really get into a game, which is unfortunate as I really enjoy playing, but I really want to change that and find a really great group of folks on here to play with! I am looking for a casual group to play with on at least a weekly basis. My gaming style is a laid-back style;sort of "go with the flow" if you will. I like to play my characters with light role-playing elements if I can. I am a working professional so if games are played during the week, I could probably only go at most 4-hour sessions. If the weekend is what you prefer then I can do that as well, for longer sessions.

    Please let me know if you'd like me in your group!

    I have found a group willing to take me in, but still feel free to PM me!
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    Hello, I am hoping to start a new campaign in the next few weeks. I don’t have a lot of details yet but would like to speak with you if you’re still looking for a group. Can you please add me on Discord? I’m at GimpyCat (-4)#8422. Thanks.

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    Thanks for hitting me up, but I think I may have found a group already. I'll still add you on Discord, I'm still interested in hearing about the campaign!

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