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    FGU Early Access - Developer Considerations

    There are a number of changes that will come with FGU that will affect content developers (including modules, rulesets and extensions). I will attempt to summarize here over time as I collate from our notes and feedback.

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    General UI Changes

    • Local mode has been removed. Users must create a campaign to import/edit/export characters.
    • Tokens can no longer be placed on desktop directly. (Use hot keys instead.)
    • Lighting commands are deprecated.
    • Middle click dragging in window lists no longer scrolls list.
    • Middle click dragging in number fields no longer changes numbers.
    • Middle click no longer resets number, link and dice fields by default.
    • Modal windows deprecated.
    • Image control client view locking deprecated.
    • Dice can no longer be moved and locked elsewhere on desktop.
    • Campaign specific tokens deprecated. (use ruleset or data tokens folders instead)

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    Module and Graphic Pack Developers

    • Tokens, portraits and images can be placed in the matching subfolder of the FGU data folder (i.e. "tokens/", "portraits/", "images/"). These will show up in the Asset View within FGU.
    • These same graphic assets can be bundled as ZIP files with the appropriate file extension to match (i.e. ".tpk", ".ppk", ".ipk"), and placed in the same subfolder.
    • For modules, any image or token graphics that you want to be shared in the Asset View must be included in the module ZIP/folder data structure as the appropriate subfolders (i.e. "tokens/", "images/"

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    Ruleset/Extension Developers - API Tag Changes

    Changed Behavior
    • font: FGF font files are no longer supported. Every font asset must have a <ttf> sub-tag and associated TTF font file; or the default fallback font built into the FGU client will be used.

    NOTE: If the TTF fonts that you choose do not contain all the Latin characters including Extended A and B characters, then those characters will not show up in the tabletop UI when displaying that font.

    • assetviewcontrol

    Removals / Deprecations
    • categoryselectioncontrol
    • categoryselectionsettings
    • formattedtextcontrol.footer (Use separate generic control instead.)
    • imageupdatefolder (Always uses campaign images folder.)
    • listcontrol.footer (Use separate generic control instead.)
    • properties.dependency
    • properties.exclusiongroup
    • replaces
    • tokenbag (Use assetviewcontrol instead.)
    • tokenroot (Always uses ruleset tokens folder.)
    • windowclass.datasource (Use Interface.openWindow instead.)
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    Ruleset/Extension Developers - API Function Changes

    Changed Behavior
    • Interface: All dialog APIs require a callback function as first parameter
    • DB.getCategory: Returns string
    • DB.getValue: Returns dice expression (if compatibility >= 4)
    • DB.setValue: Dice input format can be string (i.e. dice expression)
    • databasenode.getCategory: Returns string
    • windowinstance.createControl: No longer forces instant layout, but layout is scheduled. If needed, use onFirstLayout event to capture initial control sizes based on final layout.

    • Interface: dialogColor, dialogColorClose, dialogMessageClose, dialogFileClose, getDistanceBaseUnits, getDistanceDiagMult, getDistanceSuffix
    • assetviewcontrol: getPage, getPageMax, getPathFilter, getSearchFilter, getTypeFilter, getView, getZoom, setPage, setPathFilter, setSearchFilter, setTypeFilter, setView, setZoom
    • bitmapwidget: getBitmap
    • diecontrol: getValue, setValue
    • imagecontrol: getDistanceBaseUnits, getDistanceDiagMult, getDistanceSuffix, setDistanceBaseUnits, setDistanceDiagMult, setDistanceSuffix
    • imagedatacontrol: setColor
    • stringcontrol: getEmptyText, setEmptyText
    • tokencontrol: getValue, setValue
    • tokeninstance: getPublicEdit, getPublicVision, setPublicEdit, setPublicVision
    • widget: getName, getPosition, getOffset, getTooltipText, setColor, setName, setTooltipText
    • widgetcontainer: findWidget, getWidgets
    • windowcontrol: getDatabaseNode, getStaticBounds, getTooltipText, hasFocus, setFocus, setTooltipText
    • windowinstance: isHidden

    Removals / Deprecations
    • Interface: addImageFile, getLighting, isFullScreen, onWindowMaximized, setLighting
    • User: createLocalIdentity, isLocal, setLocalIdentityPortrait
    • bitmapwidget: getBitmapName
    • chatwindow: addMessage, clear, deliverMessage, throwDice (Use Comm package instead.)
    • dragdata: getDieList, setDieList
    • imagecontrol: deleteDrawing, getTokenLockState, getTokenScale, getDrawingTool, hasDrawing, onPointerSnap, onTokenSnap, preload, resetPointers, setDrawingSize, setDrawingTool, setTokenLockState, setTokenScale
    • tokencontrol: getPrototype, setPrototype
    • tokeninstance: getContainerScale, getTargetingIdentities, isActivable, isModifiable, isTargetable, isTargetedByIdentity, setActivable, setContainerScale, setModifiable, setTargetable, setTargetsVisible
    • windowinstance: isShared, notifyUpdate

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