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    Two players LFG for Pathfinder second edition

    Greetings and Salutations. My wife and I currently live in the midwest and have been playing games of some kind for many, many moons. We have been playing Savage Worlds, Castles & Crusades, and Shadowrun 5th edition with a group of co-workers and friends. We recently went to Gencon where we were able to play two Pathfinder 2e games. One game had pregens at level one and the other at level five. We were also lucky enough to play some 3.5 D&D and Call of Cthulhu.

    We are looking to play Pathfinder 2e at any level. She tends to play a healer and I'd like to try a goblin sorcerer or a barbarian.
    Our available days are any day other than Wednesday and Friday nights after 530 pm CST.

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    Hello. I am looking for a group for pf2e sat. Mornings around 9am PST. I can provide more information if that time works. I am willing to gm or he player

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    if you guys start a group I would also be interested in playing.

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