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    Playing in the same location?

    Hi folks,
    I play with my friends in my apartment. I have the ultimate licence and i thought it would be cool to connect a second computer to the tv so that they could see the info as an online player might, while i see the gm stuff on my computer. The problem is that my router only allows one port forwarding to happen. Any way to get around this? Am i missing something?

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    Only the GM need port forwarding, but if both the computers are on the same local network, find the IP adress of the GM computer (usually starting with 192.168.xxx.xxx) and connect the client with that IP adress instead of using an alias.

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    Connect a second instance of FG to your own game (Run from the fantasygrounds.exe rather than from Steam if you use Steam). Use 'localhost' without the inverted commas instead of the local IP or External IP address. Then send the player instance that you just opened to the TV. So when you share maps etc it will be just like a player viewing it remotely. More information in this thread https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?25600-Using-FG-at-the-tabletop

    Also if you are connecting a second computer to the host on the same network connect via the host's local IP address (shown on the host's start screen). No need to forward any ports to the second machine.
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    Thanks for the help! I have it working now

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