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    Yep I am looking forward to it . I hope they fit the missing portions of IF0 1stEd history time line in along with 2nd Edition for everyone so the newer fans don't have to go and search them out and piece it all together. Like the Second USA Civil War, what Stop Watch is and a few other holes.
    I run a game with a live sit down group old school as I like to call it, but I use Fantasy Ground to help with my prep and campaign tracking. As I find I am very haphazard with written notes. It is set in the South West Badlands mostly as we all live in are near Casa Grande Arizona.

    P.S. Are maybe Better Yet come out with a separate History timeline Book which would make the main game book less expensive and also provide this other reference material as a source for those wishing it. maybe see if they could do a kick starter for it?
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