FG license: demo

Time zone: EST Eastern standard time USA

Availability: any day after 5 pm est except for wensday, in a another game that day

Term: long or short

Voice: yes, have discord or what ever you shall use to do so / discord is TroyTheTrojan69

Preferred game: 5e or pathfinder but anything is fine

Game experience: I have played 5e, pathfinder, AD&D and 3.5 for one session. But only 5e and pathfinder on FG

FG experience: I know my way around FG played 2 campaigns

Character type liked: I have always been the one to play the Muscle of the party. Be it barbarian or fighter/cleric I like to get close and personal with my enemies.

About me: I am laid back type of person who cracks a joke now and then, enjoying the moment. I love to experience unknown outcomes of where and what the DM will take us into. I like to play heavy combat games and heavy role play, doesn’t matter which. I am a bit dwarf bias though, always loved dwarves and always will. But am willing to try new things and experiences.