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    Boon questions

    Having read the PFS-entries about boons, I still have some questions.


    Does the "(untyped boon)" trait mean it doesn't need to be slotted, or just that it doesn't have traits?
    What does the "(fortune)" thingie after the reaction-arrow mean?
    What do the 3 empty checkboxes mean?

    Can boons, unless specified, be reused between scenarios? So that once a character have access to a boon, it does so forever?
    Does boons become un-slotted after a game-session has ended?

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    I think the PF2 Society Guide is still Work in Progress at this point in time.

    1. It might be an untyped bonus (meaning it stacks with other bonuses) but I'm not entirely sure.

    2. Fortune seems to be the trait (CRB p 632, 449)

    3. If it's the same as in SFS: Basically you can use it three times, each time you use it, check a box.

    4. Usually boons can be re-used on a particular character, some boons have a limited amount of uses though, usually indicated by boxes (see above).

    5. You decide each session which boons you slot. For convenience's sake most players usually keep it pretty much the same every time, unless the scenario calls for specific boons.

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    1. Untyped boon means that it doesn't fall in any of the standard boon categories, which means you can't slot it in a boon slot that lets you slot only a certain kind of boon (take a look at the PFS guide for a description of the boon slots. Faction boon would,for example, be a boon slot that only lets you slot faction boons).

    2. As Stephan pointed out, "fortune" means that the reaction granted by this boon has that trait.

    3. Note that right before the boxes, ot says "Uses 3", so you can use this 3 times in total. The boxes are for you to track those uses.

    4. Yes, boons can be reused. Once a character gains a boon, that boon stays with the character. If a boon has a limited amount of uses (see #3), you still have the boon, but can't actually use it. Of course, a boon has to be slotted in a scenario for you to use it.

    5. All boons become unslotted after a scenario. You decide which boons to slot at the beginning of each scenario. As Stephan already mentioned, most players stick to a certain choice of boons, especially if they are boons that greatly improve what the character is doing. In general, there's a point in the scenario, in most cases right after the mission briefing, when players are told to slot their boons. So if a player has some boons that might or might not be useful depending on the situation, they can judge from the briefing what might be a good choice.
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    The Hireling Boon

    Some boon-related questions.

    1. Can the Hireling (from that faction-boon) with the Crafting skill craft for my character during downtime?

    2. If yes, can my character aid him? And if so, does he need to Crafting skill to do so?

    3. If 1. is yes, would the Hireling be able to make use of boons that affect crafting, and other character-assets such as familiars?

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    Honstely it looks like it depends an awful lot on GM discretion, with PFS ruling usually on the RAW side.

    More specifically.

    1. I'll have to look up the specifics/ask around.

    2. I'd say a lot points towards no, mostly because of "You must expend any actions and be in range to perform the action yourself, and any consequences of these actions affect you (such as falling when using Athletics to Climb)." Apart from that, with a DC 20 you risk a crit fail on the aid.

    3. I'll have to double-check the rules on this one, "The hireling’s result cannot be modified by class abilities or spells, but it can be improved by a successful Aid check." does indicate at least some restrictions though.
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    Considering there is no official answer, for now I'd err on the side of not making boons too strong.

    1) There's no official yet, but considering boons are not slotted during downtime, so there's no access to the hireling at that point.
    2) Considering you don't have actions during downtime, I'd have to agree with Stephan_
    3) Hirelings have no boon slots, so they cannot benefit from boons.

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    Regarding the Faction Champion boon and number of faction memberships.

    4. From what I can gather from the PFS-guides, any one character can be a member of all 6 factions through purchasing 5 Faction Champion boons. That the only limitation is that he can slot only one of them for any given game-session.

    5. Can the free Faction Champion boon be freely changed before a character reaches 12 xp, just like the rest of the character? And if so, will the fame already earned be attributed the new free faction membership instead of the original one? From what I can see the answer is yes, but I thought I'd better ask.

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    4. Yes. It's unlikely that players become members of all 6+ factions but in theory in can be done (same as in SF).

    5. My guess is yes on the first question, no on the second (I'm assuming you mean reputation, fame is faction-independent) due to "Until you play a game in which your character has 12 or more XP, you can freely rebuild your character completely except for Reputation earned." and the fact that would require the chronicle sheets to be amended.

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