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    Options to open material from other rulesets

    Given us Savages tend to use SW for all sorts of stuff, is that something that could be added as an extension or something? (I am pretty new to FG, so I am not sure I am asking the right thing). Basically, it would be cool that if launch screen that you could click-box a few other popular settings so they can open under the Savage Worlds Ruleset, realizing all the rule specific stuff is not going to work. Basically, doing the HMTL editting hack of the ruleset (and I am not even qualified to type that - but I did it anyway).

    I am not looking for a converter, just a shortcut to having to edit the ruleset after every update to allow D&D stuff to load or if I wanted to pull something else in non-SW. For example, right now I added the edit to open 5e stuff and I have the cool Savage Eberron and the Wayfinders Guide open, with the D&D crunch stuff not working. That is fine - I just want access to the fluff from WFG. Just curious if that is an easy thing for one of you that hack on this all the time or the HTML editing is the only realistic way.


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    There's already an extension that will do what you want. Of course, if you open anything other than Story and Maps, then you will get errors due to data mismatches.



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    Excellent - glad I asked. I am a bit leery of cracking thinks open. I appreciate the quick response!

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