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    FGU Early Access - Known Differences and Issues

    This thread will be used to track known items reported during FGU play test. The items will be broken into To Be Fixed; and Known Differences (from FG Classic).

    Changes By Design

    • Any assets that you have purchased will be available via the Assets button. They are not actually loaded until they need to be displayed, so take up negligible memory until viewed/used. Please note that not all DLC products are available on FGU yet.
    • By design, image records are not created automatically based on the existence of files in your campaign images folder. Because each image record can now be anywhere from zero to multiple different image assets, we can't assume one file equals one record. Drag assets to existing image records, or onto image list to create an image record with that asset.
    • Program title bar remains when maximized. This is a current limitation of Unity platform.
    • Files can no longer be dragged and dropped directly into Images list or Asset view. This is a current limitation of Unity platform.
    • Assets can not be shared for viewing by other users; but all assets owned by players are now available any time they play.
    • Anybody can create a campaign, but only licensed users can host a session (including localhost sessions).
    • Manage Characters (i.e. Local mode) has been deprecated. Create an empty campaign to import/edit/export characters.
    • Image lock client view has been deprecated.
    • Mood lighting has been deprecated.

    Features From FGC Not Implemented, But Planned for Future Releases

    • Image pointer fill shading.

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    Reported Items - Main App

    • [FGU-411] - Investigate why explode low and high on same dice is not working
    • [FGU-629] - [2E] Sheet using several subwindows and windowlists is not drawing correctly
    • [FGU-634] - [2E] Anchoring not matching FGC in some windows
    • [FGU-640] - When stretching window across monitors, top/left is always placed on primary monitor
    • [FGU-719] - Die mode limit operator in dice expressions is not working
    • [FGU-815] - Table record layout not correct
    • [FGU-849] - Custom image pointers are not working
    • [FGU-859] - Sharing violation error when receiving portrait updates
    • [FGU-965] - Unidentified name field in image window does not appear until lock toggled
    • [FGU-974] - Unable to share map from image background panel
    • [FGU-1002] - Lines are visible at bitmap segments
    • [FGU-1007] - GM stuck in link drag mode after player rolls dice while GM dragging a link in FGU
    • [FGU-1013] - Player modules not owned by GM can not be approved by GM
    • [FGU-1016] - Script error on character import from another campaign
    • [FGU-1044] - Dice not launching at correct speed
    • [FGU-1045] - Control plus mouse drag does not resize windows like FGC
    • [FGU-1054] - Unable to export single image records
    • [FGU-1057] - Lag during freehand unmasking
    • [FGU-1083] - Player dice color changes propagating to other players
    • [FGU-1124] - Speech bubble not appearing on character portrait when player user typing
    • [FGU-1138] - Player targeting arrows sometimes not visible.
    • [FGU-1146] - Tokens dropped from Assets window directly report incorrect targeting distances.
    • [FGU-1174] - After reverting module, all module categories missing until reload.
    • [FGU-1178] - Mac wheel scroll appears to be using momentum, not delta
    • [FGU-1179] - Players joining after new PC portrait set cannot see the portrait
    • [FGU-1182] - [5E] Control key is not inverting damage dragged from chat window
    • [FGU-1183] - Scrollbar not updating when messages added to chat window
    • [FGU-1184] - Token health bar too small on large tokens
    • [FGU-1185] - Player targeting toolbar buttons not available when adding tokens to map without tokens
    • [FGU-1189] - [PF2] Adding effect action to NPC spell entry does not show new window until NPC closed and re-opened
    • [FGU-1227] - Poor performance for single letter asset searches
    • [FGU-1230] - FX pausing and freezing
    • [FGU-1239] - Player portrait/token assets not available in Assets window.
    • [FGU-1249] - Slow scrolling in console and launcher lists
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    Reported Items - Updater/Settings/Installer

    • [FGUUPDATE-16] - Moving updater between monitors with differing resolutions makes interface inaccessible
    • [FGUUPDATE-167] - Incorrect password in updater does not notify user, just fails silently
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    Reported Items - Mac Specific

    • [FGU-820] - Unable to span Mac FGU client across multiple monitors
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