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    FGU Resolution Change

    G'day all.
    Using D&D 4E with no extensions.
    1/ Prior to using FGU I was playing Counter Strike source (An old low resolution first person shooter on steam)
    2/ I quit out of Counter Strike
    3/ I run FGU and the resolution changes to very poor resolution (See Attachments)
    4/ I restart the computer and there is no change
    5/ I did the restart several times and 3 out of 4 times there was no change
    6/ The one time it was different, the start up FGU screen was poor resolution, but after it started up the resolution was "normal"
    7/ If I turn PC off and leave it off for 5mins. The FGU start up screen is large, but then reverts to normal once loaded.
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    You might want to check the driver for your 3d graphics. Each one is different as to how to get there, but many graphics cards render based on the game settings for optimal viewing on modern equipment.

    For example, if I run the old Eye of the Beholder game on my laptop, the nvidia card alters the output to the monitor so that I'm not trying to play EoB in a window the size of a postage stamp. Once I'm done playing the game, the nvidia card (should) release the video settings back to the original state. Older Windows-based games (and all DOS based games) used direct manipulation of the video card rather than allow Windows to control the video settings on behalf of the game. Sometimes this causes newer (comparatively) graphics cards to not reset completely.

    Most newer cards allow you to set graphics on a per-application basis. Set Fantasy Grounds to the native resolution for your monitor, and that should override the issue you are seeing. There's a really good (if slightly dated) set of instructions here:

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    Thanks for the info Mirloc

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