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    Mac Version uses Windows Shortcut keys instead of Mac equivalents

    This may sound minor, but it is a huge reason I wanted a mac version. Macs use Command (Cloverleaf) as the primary modifier/shortcut key, Windows uses Control. It is a real pain to copy and paste with your thumb in every app EXCEPT FG, where I have to remember to switch to pinky to copy and paste.

    Copy should be Command-C
    Cut should be Command-X
    Paste should be Command-V
    Select All should be Command-A
    and most important, Undo should be Command-Z for those of us who make mistakes.

    I know its early and the functionality is already awesome, but please strive to be a good Mac citizen and not just a port!
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    Command-V is paste in MacOS (Terminal, Safari, TextEdit, iWorks, etc.), been using x86 Macs for quite awhile .


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    Ooops! Was getting ahead of myself. Command-V paste.

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    Thanks for reporting. I've field as FGU-786.


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