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    LFP 5e Dragon heist! Wednesday 6pm cst.

    Hello and welcome... sadly I am already here. I am looking for a replacement member for the pre-built dragon heist campaign. we are 2 sessions in so all you have missed is literally the meeting of everyone, and the starting quest. I have ma place they are going that can get you a good introduction. The things I need----

    Can you make the time, and be reliable about it? Soooo main reason I am here one of my players just couldn't make the time anymore due to real life responsibilities.

    Top 3 classes you would like to play? EVERYTHING is covered at the moment. they have damage, tank, heals so take your pick. as for classes that are being ran we have a paladin, monk, cleric, warlock. Make sure it is a class you would be cool playing for a while this game will last at least another 10-16 sessions.

    Do you have experience in 5e, and fantasy grounds or just one and not the other? I am fine either way, I just need to know what to prepare for.

    You will need a microphone, we use discord.

    HAVE YOU PLAYED THIS MODULE BEFORE?! If so what season was it in your campaign setting?

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    Hmm, I have been looking to get into a game for a little while now. Ahh the curse of being a DM. Anyway, to answer your questions:

    Can I make it at 6pm CST and reliably? Yes, though to be completely honest there is a small chance I may have to miss IF (and that's a pretty big if) I end up having research participants who need to be interviewed on Wednesday evening. This isn't terribly likely but I am sure you will understand that finishing my PhD is far more important than (in the words of WebDM) an elf-game.

    Top 3 classes: wizard (always has been and always will be my favorite, probably war or maybe conjuration), bard (swords or lore), rogue (inquisitive). I also have interesting (to me) concepts for cleric, druid, ranger, and fighter. So the problem isn't do I have a concept I am interested, more which concept do I want to play the most.

    Experience: Have played 5e pretty much since release. Mostly as a DM with several 6+ month campaigns (always home brew because I personally do not like running pre-written). As a player, I have played in a plenty of one-shots/short adventures and a few campaigns ranging from 3-7 months. For FG experience.... I have yet to play as a player on FG, but my last 3 campaigns I ran were on FG. So I know the system quite well. FYI I have an ultimate licence and pretty much all the 5e books (except adventures since I do not run pre-written).

    Microphone? Yep, got one. Just need to double check that it works... and yep. Good to go.

    Played the module before? Nope. Only read the text that would be on a dust cover and have managed to avoid spoilers... I think.

    I expect to be home in time to play tomorrow (expect to be home at 5:30 CST) if you want to get me in right away. And it would only take me a few minutes to make the actual character. Hope to hear from ya soon.
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    Are you planning on running Dungeon of the Mad Mage?
    I can be there at 6pm CST reliably (5 for me). I’m always free on Wednesdays, so there should be no issue.
    I’ve been through DH twice (Zhents and Drow to be specific). Both times, DotMM was cancelled on me, which I really want to play. No need to worry about me meta-gaming. I’ll keep my mouth shut when I know what’s ahead.
    I have about 3 years experience in Fantasy Grounds and actually Play-Tested 5E.
    My top 3 classes would be Bard, Sorcerer and Ranger respectively.
    Race and backstory would depend on class. Bard would be a gnome, and the other two would be an elf (probably high, because I’m playing 2 wood elves).
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    Sadly I can't promise DotMM. I am thinking about it, but as my work schedule is changing I can't promise anything. ALso we are sadly running a module you have been through.

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    I'd rather be told up front than given a false promise. If you decide to do a definite run later, let me know. I should still be available. And yes, you're right, I really don't want to go through it a third time.

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    If you’re still looking for a player then I am interested, and available. I’m a recent empty-nester, so I have plenty of time on my hands. I have limited experience with FG: I attended three classes and I’m 2 sessions into DM’ing the GoSM adventure for some friends. I’ve just recently returned to D&D, having played in middle school many years ago. I have a working headset and mic.

    My top class would be rogue (possibly going Thief or Arcane Trickster), followed by wizard and then a cleric of tempest, war, or arcana domain. I’ve not read any modules other than Ghosts of Salt Marsh. Please message me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to chat on discord.

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    Posting interest.

    Can you reliably make the time? Yes

    Top 3 classes: 1a. Rogue (tailor made for a heist adventure). 1b. Wizard. 3. Bard (Lore)

    Experience: I'm relatively new to 5e and FG. I've played a session of FG College and one session of another campaign and feel like I have a pretty good handle on the mechanics.

    Discord and mic: Yep, used both with FG

    Played module before?: No.

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