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    The Ultimate Fantasy Grounds DM Man Cave setup? decide. This is an alcove off the main Man Cave.

    The monitors are:
    Center - 43" 4K (FG)
    Center Left/Right - 24" 1080 Portrait (FG)
    Outer Left/Right - 32" 1080 Portrait (Adventure PDFs)
    Bottom Center - 22" 1080 (Group Video Feed)
    Bottom Left 20" (Discord)
    Bottom Right 19" (Other)

    Faux Stone peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon

    The torches are flame LED bulbs in DIY torchs. A couple of cheap lamp bases from Walmart, inverted, bases bored at an angle to hold the rod and garden candle holders inverted with the bottoms cut out.

    Custom laminate counter top with cherry wood edging ( have a small cabinet shop, comes in handy).

    Engraved signage - MDF painted black base grey drybrushed and the corners burnished with an edge sander.

    Kneedmore DakkaDakka My first Player Character Kill

    A couple of pieces of stained poplar to simulate roof supports.


    i5 6600
    16 GB Ram
    500GB SSD
    [email protected] GTX970s

    The system is capable of pushing 10 monitors (Four on the GTX's and two on the motherboard) but with that many monitors it is moving from utility to just plain this is not silly at all....
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    Having difficulty adding images.
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    Nice! But dont let an imp sneak up on you from behind!

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    She did, and brought me a glass of Iced Tea while we played last night. She does say that she is rather impish

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    That's an impressive man-cave!
    I had to change my Sig. Fantasy Grounds Unity is official now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three of Swords View Post
    That's an impressive man-cave!
    What's most impressive is that it's clean and organized. No doubt featuring air fresheners too--more than can be said for many man caves.

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    Sweet set up. Gave me some ideas for my man cave set up. Thanks for sharing.
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    Found a major flaw with my Dungeon Master Control console last place to put my cup of grog (a.k.a. Ice Tea). So today I made a "Drink Tray of Divination"
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    No chance I wouldn't knock a drink off that! Cool though

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    The text reads "Place Cup Here" and "Don't Spill It Would Make A Mess". I chose the sign of Divination, I can read the future and know that I will indeed spill

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