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    Thanks for that guys. Yes JadeKraken, Posts labeled PFS are one session adventures, however your character will grow by playing these adventures. The advantage is that you get to play with different people, and you can pick and choose which sessions you join. The disadvantage is that PFS has slightly stricter rules, and of course it has less focus on a larger overarching narrative, though if you play enough PFS, you will notice there is an actual storyline.

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    Do I need to buy the PF2 Ruleset or anything in particular for PFS on the Fantasy Grounds side of things or is my license enough to get started?

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    You'll need the PF2 CRB to have access to the drag-and-drop functionality (the SRD will still take several months).

    The easier way however would be to simply connect to aellongm's server when it's up.

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    Okay, this might be a dumb question, but do I need to do these adventures in order or are they all self contained one-shots?

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    Not a dumb question at all.

    there is no need to play them in order, that would be hell on players and GM's. They are all self contained. Sometimes an adventure builds on something that happened in an earlier adventure, but that is rather rare. Even then, you don't need to have played the previous adventure as all will become clear during the scenario. However, for those who really don't want 'spoilers' I usually post if an adventure has 'prequels' for lack of a better word. I think most Gm's do the same.

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    No, you can play these in any order and even skip some.

    There usually is some connecting major storyline (and several scenarios build on previous events) but it's never required that you played a specific scenario.

    Edit: See aellongm's post above.

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    Also, as will become apparent once PFS2 has been around for a while, it is not possible to play the scenarios in order. There will be scenarios that can only be played at higher levels and some that can only be played at lower levels (for now, there's only Tier 1-4 because nobody has any characters for higher tiers). So, if for example a Tier 5-8 scenario is followed by a Tier 1-4 scenario, it's quite obvious that they can't be played in that order by the same character
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