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    LFG Pathfinder 2 as a player!

    Hey all! I'm looking for a game to join for PF2. I've bought the CRB and raring to go. Here's important information for you to know

    Game: PF2
    Platform: FG Ultimate
    Time: 7pm +8GMT/7am EDT
    Experience: D&D 5e player for the past 2 years and have dm-ed on and off for 1 year.
    Playstyle: I like a mix of 30% combat, 50% RP, 20% exploration. I'm very interested in giving PF2 a shot because of the customization options of the game. Additionally, I just want to find out more about it!

    If you'd like more information on me or anything else, do add me on discord bleeploads#7551

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    Method of finding a game on this site.
    1. Keep a close eye on this sub-forum. A PF2 game is bound to show up sooner or later. Right now it's very new and most FG-people are either quite invested in 5e or are invested in an already running PF1 campaign, but PF2-games are slowly trickling in. It seems alot of players give up when they don't find one soonish. Just stick with it and you'll find one. There is a sub-forum subscription function, it doen't work at all for me so I wouldn't rely on it.

    2. Enlist in the Pathfinder Society. It's currently all focused on PF2 right now, and the GMs are waiting for the next bout of PFS2 scenarios from Paizo so curently no games, but there will be a shower of new game's there in a few weeks or so (or maybe sooner, idk). https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Society-Games

    3. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...of-Plaguestone

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