This is for tomorow morning at 8am eastern standard time, which is about 8pm for those those around perth.

Game Title : One Shot Caravan Guard Duty
Cost: Free
Platform: Discord and FG ( I have ultimate)
System: D&D5e
Available Space: Want 5, have 3 already need atleast 1 more.
Time: This Friday 8pm UTC +8
Rules: I have PHB, XGE and SCAG so anything inside there, characters will be level 1.
Synopsis: The Party is a hodge podge mix of characters who for some reason ended up in Scornubel. are in general bored with life, maybe even running from the law And have signed up to protect a caravan of supplies to be delivered to out post near Evereska. After being viciously attacked Evereska has lost its cloaking ability but is still very un welcoming to foreigners. Some trade has been permitted and certain Trade Guilds have decided to set up a fort/outpost in the region nearby to help with the protection of the city. You are delivering the supplies there. *** the first part of this is relatively, easy its straight up simple combat so good for people new to FG. The second part will require some thought and being charge in guns ablazing will not be good idea.

Message me for more info, this might turn into a 2 week oneshot .