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    Crown & Dragon RPG

    I am posting it here and to the Savage Worlds sub-forum.

    I have just released a new Kickstarter for a Savage Worlds (SWADE) RPG based on an award winning novel by Stephen Hunt:


    I won't do the all out sales pitch: Suffice to say it is based upon a seminal novel by a best selling Author and could best be described as Sharpe with magic and beastmen and enchanted forests and blind inquisitors and even more explosions!

    I did all of the playtesting in FG and am planning to release a Module with the pdf containing the new edges, hindrances, skills etc. Ideally I will also get someone to do me a small extension to allow the two kinds of Bennies and the Flintlock loading steps, but I will worry about that later!
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    Hi, Arion.

    The link in this post does not work. I think you just copied the text from your post in the Savage Worlds forum because it didn't copy the actual URL, just the text shown to the user. The link in the Savage Worlds forum does work though

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    Aaargh, thank you for that! I do tend to just copy and paste these releases, and that can occasionally happen. I have fixed it, and will have to go and check the many other forums I have posted to today...

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    Good luck in your Kickstarter!

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    We have just added a link to a Chapter from the novel on the Kickstarter page to give you a taste of the setting and the premise. We are also hoping to have the novel available again in some format before too long!!

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    I will be posting more updates, but it is easiest to put those in the SW forum: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...amp-Dragon-RPG

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