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    Crown & Dragon RPG

    I am posting it here and to the Commons.

    I have just released a new Kickstarter for a Savage Worlds (SWADE) RPG based on an award winning novel by Stephen Hunt:

    I won't do the all out sales pitch: Suffice to say it is based upon a seminal novel by a best selling Author and could best be described as Sharpe with magic and beastmen and enchanted forests and blind inquisitors and even more explosions!

    I did all of the playtesting in FG and am planning to release a Module with the pdf containing the new edges, hindrances, skills etc. Ideally I will also get someone to do me a small extension to allow the two kinds of Bennies and the Flintlock loading steps, but I will worry about that later!
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    We have just added a link to a Chapter from the novel on the Kickstarter page to give you a taste of the setting and the premise. We are also hoping to have the novel available again in some format before too long!!

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    Because I did all of the playtesting in Fantasy Grounds, I have put together a theme and input all of the new skills, hindrances and edges. I am intending to include these for free with the pdf version of the book, and thought you might appreciate a screenshot:

    I am also doing a Randomworlds chat this evening at 7.30 CDT (which does mean I have to get up in the middle of the night...) here:

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    Looks good. I've backed it, and hope to see this for sale here on FG someday.

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    For anyone interested in reading the transcript of the Randomworlds chat, you can find it here:

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    There are just three days left to back the Kickstarter!

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    The Crown & Dragon RPG returns again. One defeat does not mean the end of the war, and the Dragon-Browns return to the breach once more.

    Enough of the army metaphors, and on to business. I have relaunched the Kickstarter here: with a lower funding goal. This lower goal will enable me to pay the artist for the cover art and a significant amount of internal art. If it makes more than the target, I will order extra art.

    The campaign is only for two weeks this time, so please do spread the word once more. I am about to start on the layout, and Tony Hough has started work on the cover image, which I will share with you as soon as I have a draft version.

    If you backed last time, please back once more and the game will certainly happen this time!

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    The Kickstarter is now funded and there are still four days to go.

    If we manage to get to 2,000, all backers will also get a digital copy of the original novel plus the never-released sequel! We are currently less than 200 from this goal, so if you have not already backed, get over there now!

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    is the fantasy grounds mod a add on purchasable via the kickstarter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    is the fantasy grounds mod a add on purchasable via the kickstarter?
    Because the new edges etc can be supplied as a Mod and the minor changes to the rulset should be quite a simple extension, I will hopefully be able to offer these to people who back the KS or buy the book. I need to double check with Simteworks that I am OK to do that, but I cannot see a problem.

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