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    Mine appears to be working now. Not sure what happened last night...

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    Hi damned,

    I remembered I had an old Asus router that I stopped using when Virgin Media replaced my hub. I've set my ISP-provided "Superhub" into modem mode, connected the Asus router, set a port-forwarding rule on the Asus, and Success!!

    I know I've avoided correcting the original problem, but I had a router to hand, and I found a lot of posts on FG and other forums complaining about the Superhub and port forwarding, so I thought I might as well work around it.

    I'll test the connection with one of my players tonight. I'm just happy that my first time DMing on Fantasy Grounds will be able to go ahead on Sunday!

    Thanks for all your help, and your kind offer.


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    well done!

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