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    Player Looking for a good Group To Play with!

    Name : Ron

    Age: 38

    TimeZone: Central

    Availability: Weeknights After 5pm and Usually The Entire Weekend.

    Experience: Have played a bunch in High School ... took Long Break and have recently got into 5Edition.. I have purchased The Players Handbook, DM Guide , and The Essentials Kit Dragon Of Icespire Peak.. by Wizards of the Coast.. I held a few Home sessions of Icespire

    Peak.. and I looking to learn and play a bunch More! I do have an Upgraded account here in Fantasy Grounds and need to learn how to use it. I also have a Roll20 account as well... But still willing to learn..

    I would love to play some adventures, I Learn Fast , Listen Well , and Follow Instructions..

    I do have Discord and a Mic if needed... Hope i get an invite Thank You !

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    It seems like you're looking for an ongoing type of situation, maybe you should post this in the normal LFG section rather than the one-shot section.

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    If you're interested I'm looking for one player for either one of two campaigns to start right away message me if you can play.
    Have two campaigns one 5th ed. in homebrew world, one 3.5 in Forgotten Realms looking for a player in each on and off.
    Looking for a player ready to start right now. very basic experience is good able to think to come up with Solutions and figure out puzzles it's a good mix between role playing planning, Intrigue diplomacy, strategy as well as action.
    Going to only be playing at the most a couple times a month maybe even once a month sometimes, most likely on weekends, either Sunday during the day or evenings possibly Mondays as well.

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