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    [Free] LFP Playtest Bloodstone Lands Campaign Levels 10+ 1E to 5E conversion

    FG System: DM has Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5e + supplements from 1E-4E
    Time Zone: ET USA
    Day of week and time:
    Next Session: Saturday 11/16 1500 ET
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 hours. Once per month scheduled with adhoc at request of players. DM has heavy travel early Sept-Nov.
    Term: Continuous campaign
    Text or Voice: Voice + Text
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No recording or live streaming. What happens in character stays in character.
    Beginner/New Players Welcome: Yes

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 75% interacting with NPCs and recruiting. We roleplay “between adventures” extensively. 25% combat (not including military campaigns). This is not Logistics & Ledgers, but it can come close at times.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-8 players. More NPCs will need to be recruited to party if not enough players (at party expense). Encounters will not be downsized based on number of players.
    Character starting level & equipment: Must be at least level 10. Bring existing character or start a new one at level 10.
    Character restrictions: Anything in 5E goes. 1E-4E prestige classes, spells, etc can be crafted in game after the start of the campaign.

    Calendar Link:
    Prior to joining the calendar please complete the player background and application below in a public reply to this post.
    You will receive a Discord invite. For some reason I can't edit the original calendar entry.

    About the DM: I’m new to VTT systems and FG. I have been playing 1E AD&D since 1986 and DMed my first campaign in 1989. I will be bringing previous experience with 1E-3.5E. This will be my first run with 5E and FG. As such we will concentrate on story rather than game mechanics. I started with Greyhawk, moved to Dragonlance, and finally settled on Forgotten Realms as my specialty due to the rich selection of campaign guides. At one point I was working on a few FR based fiction stories and had done extensive research into the geopolitics of Faerun and will include that research. Most of my campaigns involve political intrigue among rulers in addition to the traditional dungeon crawl.

    NOTE: Details of the campaign are a "living document" and may be changed without notice here. Players accepted will receive a link to a Google Drive or OneDrive document that has up to date information, rules for character creation, regularly updated FAQ, etc.

    Details of your scenario:
    The main story arc is a conversion from 1E to 5E of a classic Forgotten Realms high level adventure series of four modules designed for levels 15-100. This was originally made by TSR to showcase high level adventures. It also introduces leadership/rulership of a land, building a stronghold, raising an army, and mass combat rules for military campaigns. In traditional D&D adventures characters are considered “retired” when they take on the challenge of rulership or build a wizards tower. This is one of the few if not the only adventure series published that continues the adventures after becoming Lord or Lady of the land. Indeed, the publishers at TSR felt that there is so much more that high level characters can do and this series is meant to explore that. In this campaign we will explore working your way up the ladder of nobility to the level you are comfortable. Knighthood, becoming a landed Lord or Lady, Baron, Duke, or even King or Queen is possible and likely if you play your characters well.

    This is not a conversion of monster stats and battles to 5E with the same story from the modules. The story has been moved over 150 years into the future to match “today” in the Forgotten Realms. We will also be adding in several unrelated adventures that have similar NPC hooks as side quests in addition to the main campaign. We do not have to play an adventure from front to back. These separate adventures come together feeling like part of the campaign. If you’ve played Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, or Swordcoast Legends or other official D&D video games there will be a familiar feel of multiple Patrons with different, sometimes competing quests that you can take in any order assuming your level is high enough.

    The adventure is set in late century 1400’s DR in the eastern Forgotten Realms approximately 2000 miles east of Neverwinter in The Bloodstone Lands aka The Cold Lands aka The Demon Lands aka the fractured kingdom of Damara. Damara is famous for the Bloodstone. A beautiful blood red and green chalcedony that is found in great quantities in its mines. The northeastern realms are a frontier land that has not been fully tamed by civilization. A powerful lich named Zhengyi had joined forces with the Cult of Orcus and a group of bandits, orcs, and goblins to take over Damara launching a full military assault against the kingdom in 1348 DR. In 1357 DR King Virdin of Damara was defeated by lich’s army. The kingdom collapsed into duchies and baronies fighting among themselves and against the lich’s army. In 1359 DR a group of powerful adventurers led by Gareth Dragonsbane had defeated Zhengyi and the Cult of Orcus. They had also travelled through a portal in Zhengyi’s lair to the Abyss and stolen the Wand of Orcus, later destroying it by traveling to the 9 Hells, defeating Tiamat, and bathing it in the blood of her heart. The destroyed wand produced a gem that according to the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut, was said to protect the kingdom of Damara from Demons for 100 years as long as the rulers did not let evil corrupt their hearts. Bahamut’s blessing unfortunately did not protect the kingdom from evil dragons who were intent on avenging the attack on their queen. The kingdom was peacefully ruled by Garth Dragonsbane and his heirs for decades. In 1459 DR the last of the Dragonsbane dynasty was wiped out and Lord Yarin Frostmantle took the throne. It is an open secret in Damara that he had a hand in the death of the previous king. Frostmantle is stronger and wealthier than any other nobles in Damara. He rules with an iron fist and crushes those who dare to question his legitimacy.

    Today in 1495 DR Under King Frostmantle the dragon attacks have continued and the blessing of Bahamut has expired leading to the return of the Cult of Orcus and additional demonic cults who are competing for the mineral wealth in the area. Frostmantle is more than content to tax his people and rule from a mountain of gold if the demons are not attacking the capital city. Peasants in the outlying farming communities are always on watch for cult activity and know they are on their own. Rumors speak of the Cult of Demogorgon establishing territory and competing with the Cult of Orcus. Drow agents have been seen at night indicating the possibility that Loth and her followers are also competing against other demon lords.

    In the surrounding kingdoms it does not look much better. Demons once again stalk the lands near the forest of Dunwood. The Warlock Knights in the neighboring kingdom of Vassa to the west threaten to repeat the same war launched by the lich over 100 years ago. The feral barbarian tribes of the land of Narfell to the east stage bolder raids on Damara every day. The Kingdom of Impiltur to the south since the death of King Imbrar has been in decline. It is presently run by the Grand Council of Lords from each of the remaining cities who are not truly in control of the realm. Impiltur has been overrun by the Fraternity of Tharos, a fanatical cult of demon-worshipers. Demons freely menace the Great Dale and have spread into Narfell, clashing with the Barbarians.

    You will start in Baldur’s Gate and obtain your mission specs from your Patron. You will then travel to Mulmaster to begin recruiting a mercenary army. From Mulmaster you will then choose your path to Damara and Bloodstone City. Some paths may avoid the capital city of Heliogabalus or you may choose to let King Frostmantle know of your presence by traveling through the capital on your way to Bloodstone City with your army. Did I mention he loves toll roads and taxes?
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    House Rules for the campaign may be found here due to post size limitations on the forums.!AijZu8jHNCDf5m5R...ZgRme?e=NZZ13e
    Player Application
    Copy and Paste this into a reply to the thread. DM will PM you for additional discussion if selected.
    New Players are welcome. Having leveled up to 10 in your playing career is not a requirement.

    About the Player
    Your Name:
    What you like to be called:
    You Discord UserID:
    Experience with 5E D&D as Player and/or DM:
    Experience with 1E-4E AD&D as Player and/or DM:
    Experience with VTT/FG:
    How familiar are you with The Forgotten Realms as a whole?

    About the Character
    Character Name:
    Character Race:
    Character Class:
    Nation/City-State of origin:
    Has your character completed any official 5E WotC adventures as part of their story? If so which ones?
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    Your Name: (Vos) Steve Marsh
    What you like to be called:Vos or character name is fine
    You Discord UserID: Cyclops #8844
    Experience with 5E D&D as Player and/or DM:
    Experience with 1E-4E AD&D as Player and/or DM:
    Experience with VTT/FG: Very Little. I played till 5th with one character but I have NO idea how to make an area of effect like drawing a fireball or setting a web spell
    How familiar are you with The Forgotten Realms as a whole? Very!I grew up with it. I used to own a lot of Realmsian lore products but lost them all during a 10 year hiatus from the game.

    About the Character
    Character Name: Quentin Faraday
    Character Race: Var Human
    Character Class:Hexblade 2, Sorcerer 8
    Nation/City-State of origin: Thay
    Background/History: Criminal
    Has your character completed any official 5E WotC adventures as part of their story? No. I took the point buy option.

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    Two players have confirmed for the scheduled time slot. Additional players are welcome. If you're new to D&D but haven't leveled up to 10 with your other characters, feel free to create one and join us.

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    Well we had our session zero today. There is still time to join in. This game is a total blast!
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    The first session was great. We have an awesome party. The game is now on the Ultimate License from FG so other players may join that do not have Standard.

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    About the Player
    Your Name: Glenn
    What you like to be called: Blackwolf
    You Discord UserID: Blackwolf
    Experience with 5E D&D as Player and/or DM: 5 plus years
    Experience with 1E-4E AD&D as Player and/or DM: 30 plus years
    Experience with VTT/FG: VTT None/FG 4 years
    How familiar are you with The Forgotten Realms as a whole? Very familiar western better

    About the Character
    Character Name: Blackwolf Wyrmslayer
    Character Race: Shield Dwarf
    Character Class: Cleric/Fighter(7/3)
    Nation/City-State of origin: Originally Hailing from Mirabar
    Background/History: Mercenary Veteran
    Has your character completed any official 5E WotC adventures as part of their story? If so which ones? No.

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    Your Name: Cody
    What you like to be called: My name, discord handle, or character name is fine with me
    You Discord UserID: #5708 ParanoidAndr0id
    Experience with 5E D&D as Player and/or DM: ~2 years as a player
    Experience with 1E-4E AD&D as Player and/or DM: n/a
    Experience with VTT/FG: ~6 months
    How familiar are you with The Forgotten Realms as a whole? None at all

    About the Character
    Character Name: Torviel Silverwind (Mithrilthul)
    Character Race: High Elf (Moon)
    Character Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight) lvl 10
    Nation/City-State of origin: Western Heartlands / Evereska
    Background/History: Soldier (Tomb Guard)
    Has your character completed any official 5E WotC adventures as part of their story? If so which ones? No, I created this character specifically for this campaign

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    About the Player
    Your Name: Bill
    What you like to be called: Bill is fine
    You Discord UserID: Bill#5965
    Experience with 5E D&D as Player and/or DM: 5 years as a player
    Experience with 1E-4E AD&D as Player and/or DM: Started playing AD&D around '78 for 8 years. Played other systems like Rolemaster, Resumed playing in 2004 playing 3.5. Never played 4th edition.
    Experience with VTT/FG: Since January of 2017
    How familiar are you with The Forgotten Realms as a whole? Quite familiar with the Sword Coast. Not so much with the rest of the continent.

    About the Character

    Character Name: Balkas Silver
    Character Race: Half-Elf
    Character Class: Paladin 8/Hexblade 2
    Nation/City-State of origin: Aglarond
    Background/History: Noble Knight
    Has your character completed any official 5E WotC adventures as part of their story? If so which ones? None. Character created for this campaign

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