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    Also, you shouldn't include the flavor text in the stat block. If you do, it will end up in the Off./Proac. Abils field. You can manually paste it into the Other tab after you parse.

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    I just added versions 1.1.1 and 1.2.1 to post #2. This fixes a reported issue with the first line of the stat block where the comparison for the string "CREATURE" was case sensitive. It is now case insensitive, so 'CREATURE', 'Creature', 'CrEaTuRe' etc. should all work. Note that version 1.1.1 should be considered 'current' until release 14 of the ruleset.

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    awesome thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenan View Post
    Doesn't repro for me with v1.1 of the extension. Can you confirm which version of the extension and ruleset you're using? Should be ruleset release 13 and v1.1. Also, what other extensions are you using?
    I was actually using 1.0 still, so it must have been some kind of formatting issue. The weird thing is that it didn't occur with the Forge-Spurned enemy. Changed my ways and made sure I got v1.1. Thanks for checking in!

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    Hello hello

    I have this error when I try to parse a monster
    version used 1.2.1 on FGU : [4/1/2020 5:15:13 AM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Script execution error: [string "scripts/pf2creatureparser.lua"]:377: attempt to index local 'nodeReactiveAutomaticAbilities' (a nil value)

    After, maybe I don't use correctly the parser ... :s

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    Did you follow all the recommendations in post #1? If so, could you please post the stat block here (not a picture, the actual text so I can try it out for myself). Thanks for reporting.

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    Easy fix. I'll post a new version to post #2 in few minutes...

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    Ok I try to export an Otyugh ...

    Perception +10; darkvision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet
    Languages Common
    Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +14, Stealth +8 (+11 in lair)
    Str +6, Dex +2, Con +4, Int –2, Wis +2, Cha –2
    AC 20; Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +10
    HP 70; Immunities disease
    Stench (aura, olfactory) 40 feet. A creature entering the aura must succeed at
    a DC 20 Fortitude save or be sickened 1 (plus slowed 1 for the same duration
    on a critical failure). On a success, the creature is temporarily immune to
    the sickened and slowed effects of this stench for 1 hour. Regardless of
    the save, while within the aura, creatures take a –2 circumstance penalty
    to saves against diseases. An otyugh’s stench is due to the offal and refuse
    that it wallows in, so cleaning the creature thoroughly (with create water
    and sufficient scrubbing, for example) deactivates the aura, while a sufficiently
    plugged nose allows an individual to avoid exposure to the stench.
    Speed 20 feet
    Melee [one-action] jaws +14, Damage 2d6+6 piercing plus filth fever
    Melee [one-action] tentacle +14 (agile, reach 10 feet), Damage 1d6+6 bludgeoning plus Grab
    Constrict [one-action] 1d6+6 bludgeoning, DC 22
    Reposition [one-action] The otyugh attempts to move all creatures that it
    has grabbed into other spaces within the reach of its tentacles,
    rolling a single Athletics check and comparing the result against
    each creature’s Fortitude DC.
    On a failure, the creature
    remains in place, and on
    a critical failure, the
    creature is no longer
    Filth Fever (disease);
    The sickened and
    unconscious conditions 
    from filth fever don’t 
    improve on their own until the 
    disease is cured. Saving Throw DC 
    20 Fortitude; Stage 1 carrier with no 
    ill effect (1d4 hours); Stage 2 sickened 1 (1 day);
    Stage 3 sickened 1 and slowed 1 as long as it
    remains sickened (1 day); Stage 4 unconscious
    (1 day); Stage 5 dead
    After ... I don't understand what is it a "line feed" ... it's a point ? a special code ? (sorry again, I'm not english) ... have you perhaps a picture for the good rules for dummies like me

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    "line feed" is the same as "the return key" or "end of line". Not sure what it is called in French.

    This fix was only in v1.2, which you should only be using if you're in the Test channel. Otherwise you should be using 1.1.1. The fix for your issue is in version 1.2.2, in post #2 above.

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    When in doubt, it's a good practice to make sure items are all on the same line. In your example above for instance, the Stench ability is spread over multiple lines. You can select all of those lines and then hit CTRL-J to combine them into a single line. If you do that with all abilities, you'll have a much better chance of everything parsing correctly. In addition, adding a blank line after each ability is even better.

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