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    No speed line.

    Add e.g. Speed 30 Ft. after HP and it parses.


    Speed 25 feet, swim 35 feet

    would be its speed.
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    thanks, obvious now you mention it
    Paizo's stat blocks are getting worse

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    The extension download in post #2 has been replaced by a link to the item in The Forge.

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    Forge says I already have it. But I last downloaded it a long time ago. So it won't let me get the latest updated version?

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    I have it setup to download to your extensions folder, not the vault, and the extension hasn't changed in a long time, so you probably have the latest version already. If you see "Pathfinder 2E Creature Parser v1.2.5 for Fantasy Grounds" in the chat window then you have the latest version. If you see an older version then you should report this in one of the Forge forum threads, not sure if there's one specifically for bugs and issues. You could also try removing the extension from the extension folder (don't delete it, just move it out of the folder) and see if Fantasy Grounds will then download it the next time you run an update.
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    Yea. I have 1.2.3
    So I will try removing it to see if it will download it.

    .... Yea. That fixed it. Last one I had was from, like, May of last year. I removed it and it downloaded it for me fresh. Thanks, darrenan.
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