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    Quote Originally Posted by Svandal View Post
    It seems like something is not as intended when combining different damage rolls and keldisadvantage.
    So one of my players have a kineticist, and he has set up one damage roll as.
    1d6 even caster level +half con +12 bludgeoning
    1d6 odd caster level +half con +12 electricity

    They where on a plane where they had keldisadvantage on them all the time (insert evil laugh here)
    When we looked into how much damage came from electricity and bludgeoning we noticed something strange.
    Damage was xd6 - number bludgeoning and xd6 + number for electricity.
    The bludgeoning did way less damage, and the static damage value from bludgeoning varied.

    The total was ok, but I suspect that with keldisadvantage it counted how much less it rolled because of disadvantage and substracted that from the first damage type (which was bludgeoning).

    I hope this makes sense, I have not access to my computer to screenshot this now.

    Thanks for the report Yes, I may have forgotten to emphasize this problem (but I think I mention it in the cheat sheet pdf). Indeed, the (dis)advantage effects do not work well with damage types, which is why one should only use them for damage rolls when damage types do not matter The distribution of those damage types among all the damage dice is a strange and complicated code and I could not yet wrap my head around it; there is actually a similar problem in 5e regarding this, which is why I hope that it get fixed there, because I can then take a glimpse at how it got solved there

    PS: Very evil plane your players are on!
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    Ah, that explains it. Thank you. It came up when the kineticits blasted his way through a wall of stone that seperated the party.
    It will happen very very rarely, so lets see if the 5e gets a fix

    Ah yes, I they went to a homebrew "cthulhu plane", so I had to make them something weird. And it was a perfect opportunity to try out the keldisadvantage effect. One of my players met Cthulhu and got mythic powers from him that the other ones does not know about

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