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    TBH..i wouldn't know, i haven't looked at his "mastercaster", or checked out his module yet, judge for yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yarnevk View Post
    How does yours differ from ShadeRavens MasterCaster?

    For starters, he uses some clever tagging that I think is quite informative. Beyond that, he went through the entire spell catalogue and finished it entirely! A lot can be said for that. I use some different conventions for how I handle various effects, but without digging too deep into his, it looks very good and complete (even if I would handle some things differently).

    I'd certainly say it covers some gaps that I haven't applied, at the very least!

    EDIT: I should also note that I only dealt with spells that had effects (saves, damages, effects) that needed to be applied, including the up-cast versions. So I didn't put in the all the levels of Detect Magic, for instance. Alex broke everything out with the tagging, etc. He definitely put in the time on this one!
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    TY, it did took some time to do it and did a lot of clean up on the text spacing in the effects box of the spells and did add a few info and some little tips in there myself to help others a bit

    EDIT: and yes, i went all out with every spell, left no stones unturned
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    This spell effects mod is just amazing. I don't even want to think about how much time this mod will save me. If this were out in the world somewhere, I'd buy you a beer. Thanks so much.

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