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Thread: SR Bestiary

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadeRaven View Post
    Very nice, Zodiac! Every bit of information added is terrific.
    This is how i spend my vacation.

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    Busy day here, so not as much free time but did finish the Creature 2s and clean up some of the earlier ones.

    You'll find the latest version, 2.0, in the first post of this thread. Enjoy!
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    Thank you ShadeRaven and Zodiac for these.

    These will work great.
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    Nice... ivé been a bit busy, but i assume that you will start on lvl 3 monsters. So ill go with lvl 5 and leave a bit of space there.

    FG_Dave, you´re welcome. hopefully you can use these to supplement FGs own book. i hope this speeds up the process a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac107 View Post
    ...i hope this speeds up the process a bit.
    The main reason the the Bestiary is delayed is that we have to develop it using the Smiteworks in house parsing application - which needs data in a different format, and also needs to be developed for PFRPG2 creatures. So, unfortunately, the community SRD module won't aid in developing the official Bestiary product. Nice thought though...
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    Oh, thats unfortunate. Oh well, atleast my players will get to enjoy a low level game before busting out the big guns.

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    And here we go, an updated merge version with the lvl 5 creatures. Now it´s time to sleep.

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    Updated to add Creature 3 set. You'll find it in the initial post.

    Also, just a reminder, that many functions that can be handled in the spells tab that are on the front sheet have their automation added there. Check it out if you haven't before. I might make your GMing job much easier.
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    Indeed, i put all the spells there. But it just occured to me that i can put things like sneak attack, poisons and similar powers there to automate the process.

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    If i down loaded your SR Beastiary mod, do I also need Zodiacs? Would I DL both and do both 'work' together or do i need one or the other?

    When you update your SR Bestiary do I need to 're download and install it' or is there process that I do not see that updates it?

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