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    What video/chat interface do you use with FG? (what is your preference)

    Greetings again!

    On the note about video chat programs. Do any of you use one or are you strictly voice? If you do use one what do you use and why? I was thinking Discord would be good but I have not used it for video chat. It works GREAT with voice chat for ESO.

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    Discord usually for voice. sometimes google voice if certain players have issues with discord. No video at all, the players pay attention to FG, they dont need to see my ugly mug.

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    Thanks that was my thought as well. I remember roll20 has built in video but it contributes to lag. Regular voice is really all I need.

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    I use Teamspeak for voice, mostly because I also use background music / sound effects and TS handles that better than Discord. No video.

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    One group I have uses Zoom, and the other just uses Hangouts.


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    We use Discord and I spin up al Team Speak in case there is outage or big issue with some players. All players prefer discord as the Team Speak client for iOS or Android is paid.
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    We have used Skype in the past, but most were against wasting valuable screen space with our faces... So, now we just use Discord for text and voice chat. Discord is also very handy for communication during the week between sessions.

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    Discord and TeamSpeak allow per-user volume adjustment, which is super handy. Skype has no such option yet.
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    We use either Discord or Twitch for both Video and Voice. Why either or? For reasons unknown, some days Discord works great and Twitch doesn't and other days it's the opposite. We like to have Video in there because it seems to cut down on talking over each other. Probably doesn't, but we think it does! LOL. (Plus it's easy to see when someone has left the "table" or when everyone is back from a break, etc.
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    We're using Discord for voice and communication between sessions.We don't use video, mostly because I don't have a webcam and feel more comfortable roleplaying just over voice due to anxiety issues. And since screensharing is a thing now in Discord it's really easy to pipe in background music.
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