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    PF2S scenario 1-01: The Absalom initiation (06-08-19 17.30 UTC

    A new era is beginning for the Pathfinder Society, with new recruits and new factions all excited to build connections and embark on grand adventures. The PCs are among these recruits invited to attend a welcoming party where they can meet both the old guard as well as the up-and-coming leaders. But the party's not all talk; the PCs learn of four exciting escapades in Absalom, through which they can kick off their adventuring careers!

    I have an ultimate license and we'll be using teamspeak for communication.

    technical info will be in calendar discussion.
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    definitely interested. I will go through the rulebook on the weekend I suppose, so I'll know what I'll bring then.
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    Thanks for running the game!

    I also should be able to make it, character TBD for obvious reasons.

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    If I have the timezone conversion right, I will be there as well

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    I haven't seen differently yet- am I correct t that the season 10 guide is still in effect?

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    For PF1 I believe the old Season 10 guide continues.

    The PF2 guide is supposed to be released pretty soon (probably before GenCon) but apparently is delayed a bit.

    Edit: Link (last post).

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    Yeah, sorry. The guide is not out yet. Nobody knows whether it'll be out by tuesday, due to Gencon, but we can hope.

    I'll run the scenario anyway, and make any changes if needed. As such Chronicle sheets might be a bit later

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    For character options, it looks like everything in the CRB will be legal, bar Connections skill feat. You can purchase all common items up to your level, as well as a wayfinder if you wish.
    You can only get uncommon or rarer items via chronicle sheets and boons. Bestiary options are not allowed, unless they are referenced in the CRB.

    There will be some legacy backgrounds available, but you can switch those in after the game if need be.

    Any other questions, ask me here or in discord/TS

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    This guide has been endorsed as a temporary fix by the online VC.

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    Currently I'm considering bard or cleric due to some familiarity with them in the playtest), maybe champion.

    And it's hard to resist the (siren?) call of the goblins.

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