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    Quote Originally Posted by lostsanityreturned View Post
    From what I can tell all of the alchemical items from the CRB are listed as having no bulk (when most if not all should be Light bulk)

    On an asside note, the items in Hellknight hill are listed under the type "Alchemical items" rather than alchemical.
    Logged as CR2.054. Thanks for reporting.

    Quote Originally Posted by lostsanityreturned View Post
    This is still here, incase Trenloe missed it.
    Thanks for the reminder. Logged as CR2.055. Fixed in next release.

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    Multiple entries in Acrobatics using "di- cult terrain" rather than "difficult terrain"

    Under squeeze some weird fragmented formatting.

    "Critical Failure You become stuck in the tight space. While you're stuck, you can spend 1 minute attempting another

    Acrobatics check at the same DC. Any result on that check other than a critical failure causes you to become unstuck."

    Under the "nature" skill entry for "command animal"

    The following is one long sentance lacking the normal formatting.

    "Success The animal does as you command on its next turn. Failure The animal is hesitant or resistant, and it does nothing. Critical Failure The animal misbehaves or misunderstands, and it takes some other action determined by the GM."
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