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    Crypt of the Everflame 5e conversion. LF 2 or 3 more. New player friendly

    FG License: I have the Ultimate license, you only need the demo.

    Time Zone: EST

    Times: Date and time is flexible, aiming for 8pm US eastern time this week (will be announced once we get everyone). Playtime ranging from 3 to 5 hours per session.

    A classic 3.5 module converted to 5e, great for new players or long time players. Starting at level 1, the first chapter should see players to 3rd level in one or two sessions and from there see if everyone wants to continue the story.

    Voice: (discord).

    Game System: D&D 5e

    New to Fantasy grounds but DM'd for a long time.

    No players that are familiar with the module. Your Characters will be young adults from a remote human town in the wilderness, though dwarves, elves and halflings are fairly common ( So certain very rare races may be excluded unless the backstory fits ). Please leave a message below with what you would like to play, race, class and availability.

    Or you can also message me on Discord.

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    I'm interested depending on the night

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    New to FG but long time D&D player. Would be interested in playing depending on the night, currently DM'ing a game for my kids to see if the like, not this module though, using the starter kit. I would be ok with almost any class/race, would like to try Monk or Druid but willing to do something else more useful to the party

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    Hello. I would like to join your game.

    I am a long time experienced DnD 3.5/Pathfinder player and GM

    I am new to 5e and FG but I can learn fast.

    I am available most days of the week except weekends as I have an IRL group I GM for on Saturdays and I go to church and spend do family time on sundays.

    I normally play rogues but I would like to play either a gunslinger if you use that class, or hexblade, or barbarian. I am actually willing to play anything if the group needs me to in order to round out the party. I usually play humans.

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    Tuesday or Wednesday work best for me. Long time 20+ years. Mainly DM so would be nice to play. I would be interested in playing a human grave domain Cleric who is currently assisting the Undertaker in the town and managing the graveyard.
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    I'm available Wed & Thursday night. I would like to play a Human Wild Magic Sorcerer or Wizard. Would also be interested in playing a Paladin if the party has an abundance of magic users.

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    I would be interested in playing. I’m new to FG, but played AD&D in late 80s and early 90s. I recently started playing again in 5E. I would be interested in playing (in order of interest) a ranger, paladin or an arcane magic user. Most likely half elf or human. I would be available Friday or Saturday nights.

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    I'm interested in playing. I'm new to FG and D&D 5E. I'm available Saturdays mostly any time, most any day during the week in the evenings. I'd be interested in rogue, warlock, or sorcerer maybe tiefling or half elf. If you hadn't started yet of course.
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