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    Getting back in the swing of things. Jason is only level 3, but I would like to join if you will have me!
    “When you're backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”
    ― Harvey Specter

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    Sad to say I gotta bail — no Otto Mayshun for this one...

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    Unfortunate but thanks for the notice. See you in another game soon!

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    I would join with a level 3 mystic if I'm still in time (a little scared about the average level tough)

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    A couple of notes:

    1. Be smart (especially level 3s!!!) (yes, three exclamation marks).

    2. High risk - maximum reward, low risk - lower reward.

    Edit: 3. With a combination of bad luck and bad decisions, this scenario can get quite deadly, so having 14+ fame is a good precaution.
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    The server is up for the game in around 45 minutes.

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    As I forgot to put it in the earlier post: Next game most likely SFS #2-03: The Withering World, tier 1-4, Scenario Tags: Quest, Repeatable, Starship.

    Probably SUN August 11th, but date still TBD.

    After that, I'm open to suggestions. Maybe not enough players for tier 7-10 yet though.

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