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    5e One-Shot 7/30/19 EST Goblin Pirates

    I am a relatively new DM (I've run 3 sessions before this and every player in those sessions were completely new). I am looking for 3 more players for a 1-Off D&D 5e game on 7/30/19 (next Tuesday).

    Because I am a newer DM I would prefer if my players had at least a little experience with D&D to make up for my lack of experience with DMing. (in terms of how the game works).

    Date: 7/30/19
    Text/Voice: Voice required (Discord)
    Time: 6:00 PM EST (Willing to communicate with all players and if they wish to change this time)
    Length: roughly 2.5-3 hours
    Player Count: 4 Total, but only 3 spots currently available!
    Licence: I have an ultimate edition licence so no need to have the standard edition.
    Contact: When you respond I will be in contact with you through FG's private messaging and give you an invite to a discord link

    Game Setting: You are all goblins from the Big Snapper Tribe that inhabit a remote island far west of the sword coast. For a decade your tribe quarreled with a human village on the opposite side of your small island, until recently when the village chief died. It was then that you and your green-skinned comrades sieged the village. They were totally unprepared. Your band swept through the town slaughtering those who took up arms and capturing those who failed to flee fast enough. For weeks your tribe had glorious feasts with the delectable meat that was acquired from your victory. However, you and your comrades are smarter than the average goblin, at least that is what you tell yourselves, and realized that this food supply would soon run out, and you would turn on your fellow Green's for necessity of survival. However, one among your group found a ship at the village that was left behind during the siege, and you all decided to leave your small island village in search of gold and gluttony.

    As noted in the setting, you will be playing as goblins who have taken to the sea. AN IMPORTANT STIPULATION: You will not be extraordinary goblins, you will be piloting a ship together using rules from Captains and Cannons(though your ship will have ballistae and Catapults) on dmsguild.com (no need to purchase for yourself they are fairly easy and implemented in my FG instance). However, following the fact that you are regular goblins, if you die you will be given control of one of the goblin from your crew. I have already created the goblin characters, however if you would like to modify their names, perhaps give them some abilities or items, change their appearance in any way, or of course make your own goblin character as long as theyre not op, all of these you can ask me about and I will almost guarantee you I will allow it unless you're trying to have something like an ancient dragon as a mount.

    If you want any more information please let me know in your reply!
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