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    Question on Creating a Race

    I am putting in Christian Serrano's Eberron conversion for SWADE. For Warforged, they do not get Common Knowledge or Persuasion for free due to their background. I tried coding it with [Common Knowledge -1d, Persuasion -1d] (and did it separately as well). But I still got those skills with d4s. Any thoughts on what will make this work? I am rather new to FG, but that seemes to be the code to lower stuff, but I suspect there is something capping the drop to a d4.

    Second question - the halfling race grants an extra bennie and it can be combined with Luck/Greater Luck (so a halfling could have up to 6 bennies for race and the two edges). That appears to be behind the scenes coding (if I duplicate Luck and look at it, there is not [code] to add the bennie). Any easy workarounds or just something for player to manage?
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