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    "Rocksfall.....everybody dies"

    An angry triggered GM who hates the current campaign & players, TPK's them, and wants to go home.

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    Always one of my favorite NG episodes... I thought the play on words via a story was a great communication device. Thumbs Up to your version.

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    My ranger's name on in Everquest on Ayone Ro server played from 1995 to 2008.

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    I had a cup from a trip to Myrtle Beach 30 years ago in my hand at the time. Myrtle backwards is Eltrym.

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    Years ago, I gave up an old username and wanted to create a new one. The old name was "Penny Dreadful", and I thought "I'd like a username that is similarly dreadful", and so that became my username. Most of the time, I shorten it now to simply "similarly" since almost no one uses adverbs in their usernames (though I think I was partly inspired to use an adverb because of a very silly 1980s gangster-movie parody called Johnny Dangerously).

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