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    TheoGeek = "Theo" from theology because I love God and love studying about Him, and "Geek" ... well ... Hi, my name is Jeff, and I 'm a geek.

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    From an early David Weber series. Emperor Herdan was a warship (well... Planetoid). Interesting to see him still develop those early ideas

    TTFN and take care

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    When human younglings are very small, their guardians teach them what sounds farm animals make when they're not stressed or in pain. Then, in order for the younglings to associate the animal names with the noises, their guardians teach create little compound words of the two. I don't know if that story is true, but that's what I've heard anyway.

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    People call me Beemanpat because I'm a beekeeper and my name is Patrick.

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    My first initial and a d1000.
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