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    Mac is a childhood nickname. I have been into the table top miniatures game Warhammer 40,000 since it first came out in '87 and up until 5 years ago, I had 16 armies for it.

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    Good thread. I feel as I'm peering deep into everyone's soul here...

    Quote Originally Posted by sorvan76 View Post
    I mean specifically for this forum?

    Mine comes from my favourite character
    Mine too. Longtime World of Darkness character...

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    Dark Lord Galen is a nod to my first D&D Character I created as a player back in 1979 1e days. He didn't start off being "dark" but as we were all "murder hobos" in the day and my fellow adventurers tossed me to the foes to save themselves. All those many years ago they thought me dead, but in the dark he prevailed and now as a DM he has slowly become a nemesis to be feared in the same campaign now 40 years in the making.

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    Moved 4 (Unrelated to this Topic) Post over to a new Thread: Tolkien-Etymology - sort of on an indirect request from @Bidmaron


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    Back in the day I played on a rp private Ultima Online shard and there I loved the dark elves, but it wasn't the reason for my nickname.

    Back in the day I also played counter strike in a lan house and me and my friends cared about our rankings and that kind of stuff. We used different nicknames to warm up until we logged with our real nicknames so our stats wouldn't get messed. One day I logged with a random nick to warm up, it was "Drow". On that day I played so well that the nickname Drow statistics were far better than my previous nickname (Which I can't even remember). From that day I started using Drow as a nick name, but when we entered a tournament my clan mates wanted me to have it "l33t", and they came up with "Dr0W". We won that tournament, and it's like that ever since.

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    My nickname came a long time ago when I and a group of friends got together to create characters for a cyberpunk 2020 adventure, the book was new, we were all excited, while the characters were created the television was on and it was passing Animaniacs, here it is that a friend turns and says our Bruno this guy is crazy just like you, what's his name ... oh I think it's Yako ..
    It's ok! my character's name will be Yako ...
    And 2020 I don't need to say why, right?

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